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Ajax Systems is Europe's leading professional security systems manufacturer. Today the company exports its products to over 90 countries across the globe. 

The Ajax's product line includes 27 devices for protection of premises and adjacent territories, fire safety, and flood protection, as well as home automation. It also can integrate video surveillance.

The system is fully secured with anti-sabotage and anti-jamming systems, encrypted channels and authentication. It can be controlled using mobile or desktop application, and there is a separate app for installers and security companies. 

Having received the prestigious awards of specialized exhibitions such as IFSEC (UK), Expoprotection (France) and MIPS (Russia), today Ajax is the most awarded security system in Europe.

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Ajax Systems previews Business Day for installers in Birmingham

SECURITY SOLUTIONS developer Ajax Systems is hosting an Ajax Business Day on Friday 27 January. This is designed as an exclusive offline event, which is being run specifically for security industry leaders and heads of businesses in the region. The event will take place from 9.00 am until 3.30 pm at IET Birmingham in Austin Court.

Ajax Systems holds fourth Special Event under ‘Comfort Zone’ branding

TUESDAY 11 October witnessed Ajax Systems holding its fourth Special Event, this time around under the ‘Comfort Zone’ banner. The company has entered a new niche area, in fact, by unveiling a fire-focused product line, while at the same time adding comfort-centric devices to its security systems.

Ajax Systems set to run 'Comfort Zone' Special Event 2022 in October

SECURITY SOLUTIONS developer Ajax Systems has revealed the detail underpinning the company’s next Special Event, itself a virtual presentation of the latest hardware and software the business has been working on in recent times for the benefit of practising installers/integrators and their end user customers. The 2022 Special Event takes place on Tuesday 11 October, with the start time for viewers in the UK being 10.00 am.

Ajax Systems remains resilient despite ongoing war in Ukraine

SINCE THE outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Ajax Systems – the specialist security systems developer based in the country – has been doing everything necessary to ensure the protection and safety of its people and the business as a whole, as well as safeguarding supplies for its highly valued partner organisations.

Ajax Systems introduces Fibra wired products at 2021 Special Event

ON THURSDAY 2 December, Ajax Systems held its third annual Special Event. This time around, the company introduced several strong additions to its wireless security systems portfolio and also presented its own wired Fibra technology.

Ajax Systems unveils detail behind Special Event on 2 December

ON THURSDAY 2 December, Ajax Systems will hold an online presentation designed to showcase the company’s new products and software. Partner organisations and end users from over 120 countries across the world will have the opportunity to learn about devices and updates the company has been working on recently and which will be released in the near future.

MotionCam Outdoor: photo verification beyond premises

MOTIONCAM OUTDOOR, the new wireless outdoor motion detector with a built-in camera developed by Ajax Systems, helps to prevent unnecessary patrol dispatches. Instant and accurate intrusion detection, ultra-low power consumption and clear images day and night satisfy professional grade outdoor security requirements.

Ajax Systems Special Event 2021 heralds advent of “new security masterpieces”

ON THURSDAY 20 May at noon Eastern European Summer Time, Ajax Systems will be delivering a virtual presentation Special Event focused on the company’s array of new products. Partners and end users will be able to see the devices the company has been working on of late.

Beyond security: Multi-Release 2019

Do not worry over nothing, MotionCam always shows what has caused a motion alarm. Set up scenarios to automatically shut off water supply at the first sign of a leak and blind the trespassers with the outdoor lights. Run scenarios manually by pressing Button. Use Ajax to protect very large facilities by extending the coverage area of Hub Plus or Hub 2 with up to 5 ReX range extenders.

How to protect your yard from intrusion | Protected by Ajax

With Ajax, no intruder will be able to enter the premises undetected. If an intruder even takes one step into a zone secured by the motion detector MotionProtect Outdoor, the security system will raise an alarm: it will trigger the sirens, send a notification to your smartphone, and notify the security company for the latter to take the necessary measures.

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