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Ajax Systems signposts Special Event to run on 20 October

SECURITY SOLUTIONS developer Ajax Systems has announced that the company’s next Special Event product presentation, entitled ‘Rule Your Space’, will be streamed online on 20 October.

The ‘Rule Your Space’ Special Event will be the “richest” presentation to date from the company and is scheduled to featuring an array of new product reveals, detail around the evolution of existing product lines and important app updates. New security innovations will be showcased by the Ajax Systems team to partners and users from over 169 countries worldwide.

In a relatively short timescale, the Ajax Systems Special Event has evolved from being a product presentation to what is now one of the most anticipated events in the security industry. The previous four Ajax Special Events have gathered together over 5 000 security professionals and received more than 2,000,000 views in the digital domain.

On this occasion, over 20 translation options will be offered for the Special Event stream. Presentation voice-overs will be available in Ukrainian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Greek and Russian.

Further, video subtitles will be provided in Turkish, Dutch, Romanian, Finnish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Arabic, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Czech.

Viewers will be able to select their preferred presentation language and subtitles on the day of the event. Additionally, multiple streaming times are going to be available in order to accommodate different time zones.

Register for the Ajax Special Event 2023 entitled ‘Rule Your Space’

During the previous Special Event presentation, Ajax Systems delved into a new niche by introducing a fire systems product line and adding comfort and productivity-focused devices to its security systems.

For more information about the products showcased at the Ajax Special Event 2022 entitled ‘Comfort Zone’ read this article.

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