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Video Surveillance: Exploring New Horizons

THURSDAY 28 October sees Security Matters host another instalment of its popular webinar series. Beginning at 10.30 am, representatives from video technology expert 3xLOGIC will explain in great detail how video is being used to maximise efficiency, minimise risk and open up a range of new possibilities for end users and security installers/integrators.

Through integration and analytics, video technology is transforming traditional security applications and providing greater value across organisations. Increasingly, video is bringing all the elements of a security system together to yield greater intelligence for businesses.

Delivering new insights

Of course, video has always helped end users to keep a close eye on their businesses and has also come to be relied upon to deliver a high level of security. Now, video is also handing those end users a greater degree of control over their buildings and estates and helping them to solve problems they never knew they had.

End users are drawing on video technology and business intelligence solutions to move their security systems out of the silos in which they’ve traditionally operated, duly gaining new insights into their operations in the process.

They’re now using Artificial Intelligence to examine the data that their security systems generate, capturing previously disparate data and turning it into relevant, actionable and valuable information that helps organisations identify savings and unearth greater efficiency.

Providing new opportunities

For system integrators, video-based systems that employ business intelligence represent a significant opportunity to not only become involved at the cutting edge of cloud-based analytical software, but also benefit from an entirely new revenue stream.

In doing so, they’re helping their customers to maximise the use of the ever-increasing amounts of data they have to hand, showing them how to extract insights from their security system.

Video surveillance is delivering real value to the Security Department and beyond, from operations, sales, finance and management right through to the Boardroom.

Expert speakers

With the webinar introduced, chaired and moderated by Security Matters’ Editor Brian Sims, the presenters on the day will be Alex Buckle (UK and European sales support manager at 3xLOGIC) and Richard Joslin (senior director of global sales for the business).

Alex Buckle has a wealth of experience working in sales within the electronic security industry and deploying video surveillance systems into many of the key market verticals (including retail, leisure and hospitality).

Addressing customer requirements and challenges with technology is a key motivator for this sector professional who firmly believes that intelligent and integrated video security solutions can truly add value beyond the protection of assets. In Alex’s view, video and data combined with analytics can truly solve customer problems and allow them to see their businesses differently.

Richard Joslin boasts over 25 years’ experience in the electronic security industry, predominantly gained in sales functions and working with global financial institutions and blue chip companies. He also harbours strong financial, technical, analytical and leadership skills.

Passionate about embracing new technologies to approach the marketplace, along with having a strong ability to react with agility to multiple challenges, Richard excels in providing multiple option solutions to meet customer needs. With a wide knowledge of the security industry, he takes pride in extracting and interpreting key sales opportunities that enable the deployment of smart solutions using electronic security to drive innovation and improve efficiencies.

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