Brian Sims

Biometric access control: are fingerprint cards the future?

Breaches in physical and logical access control are becoming more frequent, costly and damaging. Now that biometric authentication is an accepted means of identification, can fingerprint access cards cut the risks of breach and improve security?

Join us on this webinar as we explore how biometric access control adds a robust security layer which can be cost-efficient and sustainable.

We will discuss:

  • How biometric access cards work
  • The business benefits of biometric access control
  • Legal aspects, GDPR and data protection
  • Costs of adoption and implementation.

We look inside the latest fingerprint access cards, including those which harness power from the reader, meaning they require no battery, work out-of-the-box with existing card readers, and keep personal data secure.

Biometric access control systems can work to protect both your organisation and your team, improving business and personal security in a single package.


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