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MotionCam Outdoor: photo verification beyond premises

MOTIONCAM OUTDOOR, the new wireless outdoor motion detector with a built-in camera developed by Ajax Systems, helps to prevent unnecessary patrol dispatches. Instant and accurate intrusion detection, ultra-low power consumption and clear images day and night satisfy professional grade outdoor security requirements.

MotionCam Outdoor is equipped with a system of two PIR sensors which, thanks to the LISA software algorithm, detect human motion with high accuracy at a distance of up to 15 metres. LISA performs correlation and spectral signal analysis, which in turn allows the detector to instantly distinguish the real threat from interferences.

When an intruder steps into a restricted area, the system raises an alarm immediately. Depending on the settings, the alarm is followed by a series of two-to-five photos. Photo verifications are displayed for users in Ajax Systems apps.

Ajax Systems has developed a special camera for the images. A wide-angle lens in a metal enclosure with glass optics offers a clear picture with a 50° viewing angle. In bright light, an infrared filter is automatically applied, while a powerful infrared backlight is activated in the dark. These measures ensure detailed images with correct colour reproduction and without edge distortions.

MotionCam Outdoor takes photos in a high dynamic range. The camera takes two consecutive shots at long and short exposures. The processor instantly combines them, equalising the balance between light and dark areas, and then compresses the image for the fastest possible transmission.

Adding detectors

To add a detector to the system, installers scan a QR code with the Ajax app, name it and assign a room. An engineer can easily mount the detector with a SmartBracket and configure it in the app using the detection zone and signal strength tests without disassembling the enclosure. If necessary, MotionCam Outdoor can be temporarily disabled or its system settings changed without the necessity for any site visits.

Alarm monitoring with MotionCam Outdoor is a process that doesn’t require a high level of expertise. With the comprehensive Ajax PRO Desktop app, Monitoring Centre operators receive the best user experience possible. Photo verification, detailed logs, floor plans and travel routes as well as rapid response units are all available with one click.

Photo verifications are also available for Monitoring Centres, regardless of which software they use. Ajax Systems has integrated photo verification with more than a dozen monitoring apps, including Manitou, SBN, Patriot and Mastermind. That list is constantly growing.

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