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Ajax Systems remains resilient despite ongoing war in Ukraine

SINCE THE outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Ajax Systems – the specialist security systems developer based in the country – has been doing everything necessary to ensure the protection and safety of its people and the business as a whole, as well as safeguarding supplies for its highly valued partner organisations.

To date, Ajax Systems has relocated over 600 members of staff, along with their families, to safe regions in Ukraine and, indeed, across Europe. The manufacturer has also done everything in its power to ensure that its own business operates as close to normal as possible.

At present, the company is in the process of relocating stocks of finished goods and, in addition, relaunching its production facilities. Regular shipments to partner organisations were renewed in the week beginning Monday 7 March.

The Ajax Systems server infrastructure is functioning without interruption. That being so, end users and partners don’t have to worry about the stability of already installed systems. The company’s servers are geographically dispersed within Europe at Amazon Data Centres in Ireland and Germany. This is a proven method of operating for large manufacturers and organisations.

Product launches

The company is also continuing to work towards launching new products. Ajax Systems devices that were announced during the latest Special Event presentation late last year will soon be made available according to the previously announced schedule.

The new Fibra product line of wired devices, for example, embodies all the advantages of the wireless Jeweller products. A line of 2,000 metres can cover a multi-floor building, while the power consumption is 100 times lower than the industry average for digital wired detectors.

As is the case in Jeweller devices, data transmission within Fibra is encrypted. The devices are equipped with anti-sabotage technologies. These systems are not only fast to install, but also allow remote control via smart phones.

Initially, the camera on each MotionCam detector was only activated in case of an alarm. This limited functionality, though, dismissed the privacy issue. The request for the ‘photo-on-demand’ feature remained a desire among end users.

To provide those end users with more photo verification options, Ajax Systems’ engineers had to re-invent their own detectors, while at the same time taking care of the privacy issue. Eventually, both versions – with and without ‘photo-on-demand’ support – will be made available.

Integration module

The MultiTransmitter integration module will receive support for detector connection with two and three resistors. This way, it will be able to distinguish more types of events from the connected wired detectors. That renders renovation more flexible with multi-zone alarms in commercial properties and also increases the number of compatible detectors. 

In terms of the sockets with type G plugs, the UK version of the device will have a functional button allowing the end user to control the socket without the app or button. Also, the settings will become more flexible: a configurable overcurrent threshold, fine-tuning of brightness and resetting of the electric power meter are all part of the development mix.

The new Ajax Systems socket will boast an “unprecedented” range of over-the-air communication (up to seven times longer than is the case for competitors in the smart homes space, in fact).

The maximum radius is stated to be up to 1,100 metres of two-way encrypted connection, which doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi.

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