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Ajax Systems introduces Superior product line to UK market

SPECIALIST SECURITY solutions developer Ajax Systems has introduced the Superior product line, which is badged as “a remarkable addition” to the Ukraine-based company’s project-oriented product group. The Superior product line includes wireless devices designed for projects. Expanded features, reliability and compliance render Superior “a game-changer” for wireless devices.

The Superior product line consists of opening, motion and glass break detectors, detectors featuring photo verification, control devices, indoor and outdoor sirens and panic buttons.

Ajax Systems is quick to point out that the Superior, Fibra and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible, which “opens up numerous possibilities” for building systems of any configuration.

Given that the new product line is developed for projects, only accredited Ajax Systems partners can sell, install and administer Superior products. The Superior devices are compatible with OS Malevich 2.16 and higher. The release of OS Malevich 2.16 is on the horizon.

Superior devices include the DoorProtect S Jeweller, the DoorProtect S Plus Jeweller, the GlassProtect S Jeweller, the MotionProtect S Jeweller, the MotionProtect S Plus Jeweller, the CombiProtect S Jeweller, the MotionCam S (PhOD) Jeweller, the HomeSiren S Jeweller, the KeyPad S Plus Jeweller, the StreetSiren S DoubleDeck Jeweller and the Button S Jeweller.

Benefits for industry professionals

Listening to the market has become something of an imperative for Ajax Systems. By actively seeking and then analysing feedback from the sector, the company has gained valuable insights on the needs of practising security professionals. Armed with this information, Ajax Systems has developed Superior to cover more of those professionals’ requirements.

The Superior product line exhibits international compliance, but also holds all of the important local certifications. That being so, security professionals can install Ajax Systems devices according to the following requirements: PD 6662:2017, INCERT (in progress), SSF (in progress) and NFA2P (in progress).

The following international certifications are included: EN 50131 (Grade 2), RED, RoHS, EMC and LVD.

Models in the Superior product line are suitable for installation projects covering offices, warehouses, production facilities, medical centres, educational establishments and leisure sector operations (including restaurants).

It’s also important to note that, from now on, Superior and Fibra are united as intrusion protection products for projects.

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