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XProtect 2023 R3 “boosts efficiency, collaboration and system control”

MILESTONE SYSTEMS, one of the leading providers of video technology, has issued XProtect 2023 R3, the latest version of its highly scalable, flexible and data-driven video management software (VMS). This update builds on XProtect’s open platform technology with new capabilities that increase operational efficiency, enhance collaboration and yield tighter system control.

Thanks to this software release, end users will have increased tools to drive productivity, collaboration and scalability. For those enterprises seeking an intelligent foundation that transforms video data into actionable insights, XProtect 2023 R3 is a platform that promises “unlimited potential”.

Key features

*On-boarding feature guide

This built-in feature in the Web Client presents operators with information on how the Web Client is structured. This assists operators to be more efficient, making the on-boarding of new employees easier and faster.

*Role-based alarm notifications

End users can now create alarm notification profiles that route alerts to specific operators based on their function. This prevents the prospect of ‘alarm fatigue’ by only sending relevant alarms to each user, while also helping operators to focus on what really matters. Response times are improved due to critical alerts being fed immediately into the right hands.

In addition to these all-new features, the 2023 R3 update contains a wide array of other enhancements, among them cyber security hardening, improved VMS resilience and expanded integrations with third party systems via XProtect’s open API architecture.

Pushing the boundaries

The 2023 R3 release continues Milestone’s commitment in terms of pushing the boundaries of open platform video technologies. The company’s focus on innovation ensures that XProtect users always have access to the latest capabilities designed to maximise the value of their video infrastructure.

XProtect users operating under the Milestone Care arrangement can download the 2023 R3 update at no additional cost. Those organisations not currently using XProtect are encouraged to explore how they can benefit from what’s being described as “the industry’s most powerful and flexible open platform VMS”.

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