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UK Cyber Security Association forms partnership with CAPSLOCK

THE UK Cyber Security Association has announced strategic partnerships with both CAPSLOCK and Business Live Global as the former organisation moves to expand its presence within the UK’s cyber security marketplace.

For those looking to reskill into a new career sector, cyber security is an attractive option. With a new reliance on technology in all aspects of life, this means that a huge number of new technology-focused jobs are constantly emerging. Cyber security is a growing market. Indeed, it’s estimated that the cyber industry will need an additional 3.5 million qualified professionals by 2023.

CAPSLOCK is a Government-backed educational organisation designed to re-skill adult learners and kick-start their cyber security careers in as little as four months. The organisation provides cyber re-training education, delivered live online by industry professionals, via a curriculum built around in-demand job roles and employer needs. The model uses Income Share Agreements, meaning that there are no upfront costs for learners. The latter don’t pay for the course until they’re successful in landing a high-paying job.

With skills, education and training in cyber security being firmly on the agenda for the work that the UK Cyber Association is doing, partnering with CAPSLOCK to help individuals transition into a career in cyber security was a natural choice.

Speaking about the partnership, Lisa Ventura (CEO and founder of the UK Cyber Security Association) said: “We’re delighted to partner with CAPSLOCK as one of our recommended suppliers for cyber security training courses. We will be launching a programme of joint activities in the coming months such as webinars and events to showcase the strong expertise that CAPSLOCK has in this area.”

Ventura added: “With skills, training and education in cyber security very high on the agenda for the UK Cyber Security Association, this was a very natural partnership for us and one that perfectly aligns with the core values of the UK Cyber Security Association.”

Dr Andrea Cullen, co-founder of CAPSLOCK, responded: “We’re delighted to be partnering with the UK Cyber Security Association. The organisation shares our beliefs and values about bringing more diversity into the cyber realm by removing barriers and re-skilling more people such that they can then operate successfully in this dynamic industry. Our cyber security retraining bootcamps are helping people to kick-start their careers in cyber and we’re thrilled to have the support of the UK Cyber Security Association on this journey.”

Growth strategy

Victoria Beale, founder and CEO of Business Live Global (Business Live UK Ltd), has just announced a partnership with the UK Cyber Security Association, commenting: “This is extremely exciting news for both parties. Business Live Global owns an extensive network of SME/enterprise-level businesses and I’ve always felt that cyber security is an essential part of their growth strategy.”

Beale went on to state: “We will be working hard to raise awareness of the importance of cyber security among our members and also our extended network. We’ll be creating and managing the UK Cyber Security Association’s brand new YouTube channel which is part of its strategy for raising awareness across a much broader audience and which will share regular information and updates. We’ll also be creating video marketing packages which will be offered exclusively to members.”

In conclusion, Beale observed: “We are really looking forward to helping the UK Cyber Security Association’s members raise their profile exponentially. This is a fantastic partnership.”

Lisa Ventura responded: “The UK Cyber Security Association is here for anyone who’s interested in cyber security issues. You could be an individual who’s interested in securing a job in the industry or a large corporation requiring assistance when it comes to protection from cyber threats. We want to ensure Best Practice, assimilate detail and share information from the cyber security industry in the UK and internationally. Our new YouTube channel will help us to do just that. We’re really looking forward to working with Victoria and her colleagues at Business Live Global.”

*For more information about CAPSLOCK (whose Employer Partners include BT, BAE Systems, Deloitte, Dell and the Lloyds Banking Group) visit

*Further detail concerning the UK Cyber Security Association is available online at

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