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TEAM by WorkWave delivers “powerful and agile” platform for security businesses

IMAGINE A solution that brings together the core functional needs of the host business into one powerful software. TEAM Software by WorkWave delivers just that. It’s purpose-designed to streamline and optimise operations and workforce management for the realisation of better business results.


TEAM Software by WorkWave is “the world’s leading software” for security professionals, bringing to the fore 30 years of experience of helping companies to reduce risk and minimise costs, while in parallel driving efficiency.

These business solutions are trusted by 21 of the Top 25 largest security guarding businesses operating across the UK and Ireland. Why? The simple reason is that the software solutions on offer assist teams to perform better and make decisions on a more effective basis.

TEAM by WorkWave

In a determined bid to help continue driving positive results, TEAM Software has recently launched TEAM by WorkWave: the next generation of Timegate. This inclusive solution exists to bring together the core functional needs of a given security business by streamlining and optimising operations and workforce management.

TEAM Software has combined the foremost features needed for every growing commercial security business to ensure success with administrative functions and field-based operations.

In terms of the back office, companies can use TEAM by WorkWave to effectively manage their greatest asset – ie their members of staff – with a suite of Human Resources tools capable of looking after holiday and absence records, key personnel-centred information, lists of certifications and more.

It’s also possible to optimise services delivered on contracts with operations management tools, including time and attendance, personnel scheduling and quality assurance safeguards for service delivery.

TEAM by WorkWave also ensures that on-site personnel have the detail they need to do their jobs ‘in the field’ thanks to one easy-to-navigate mobile app complete with self-service portals and updated job information.

Partnership with OrkaWorks

Earlier this year, TEAM Software launched a key partnership with OrkaWorks, which enables security companies to allocate shifts on a much faster basis.

In the coming months, the company will also be launching a new applicant tracking system designated Hire by WorkWave, which is designed for “seamless integration” with TEAM by WorkWave.

*Further information is available online by visiting the TEAM Software by WorkWave website

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