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TDSi brings new GARDiS software features to market for 2022

INTEGRATED SECURITY solutions developer TDSi has announced the launch of the latest update to its powerful GARDiS integrated access management software solution, namely Version 2.3.

Additions to GARDiS Version 2.3 include universal decode/auto detect, support for RS485 readers, the generation of ‘First In’ Last Out’ reports, an extended door lockdown feature, a data fusion and exporter function, support for Access Control Units inconsistency, the automated e-mailing of reports, bespoke badge design and printing, integration with GAMANET’s C4 platform, support for Gpoll 1.0.8 and a re-set of the ‘passwords via e-mail’ function.

The new features are the latest in the GARDiS software’s continual evolution, which is designed to pre-empt the needs and demands of installers and end users alike.

Tina Baker, software project manager at TDSi, informed Security Matters: “This latest update is designed to make installing and using integrated systems even easier with GARDiS. In deploying GARDiS as the central hub for security operations, end users are empowered to integrate their own choices of hardware, generate detailed reports and gain valuable insights from their security data.”

Universal decode/auto detect

To ensure integrating security systems with the GARDiS software is even easier, Version 2.3 now includes a powerful universal decode and auto detect function designed to assist with the faster and more straightforward installation of new or legacy systems as part of the security network.

Support for RS485 readers

The latest version of GARDiS adds support for popular RS485 readers, providing a broader range of choice for the integration of hardware.

Generation of ‘First In, Last Out’ reports

The TDSi GARDiS software now offers the generation of ‘First In, Last Out’ reports to provide detailed information on the movement of authorised individuals within the security zones of any monitored sites. GARDiS Version 2.3 generates a report that shows the first and last activity that day for each user, group of users or all users on the system.

Extended door lockdown

For added flexibility during uncertain times, GARDiS Version 2.3 now supports an extended door lockdown function, which enables the security operator to specify required high security access groups to continue gaining access through doors during a site lockdown.

Data fusion and exporter

To enable ever-closer integration with other security systems, GARDiS Version 2.3 includes a new data fusion and exporter functionality, which enables information to be easily, but securely shared to and from the platform in order to suit the broader requirements of the security operator and the network.

Access Control Unit inconsistency

In order to ensure the security operator is immediately aware of any potential issues with Access Control Units on the network, GARDiS Version 2.3 now provides an inconsistency alert such that this is flagged up for further direct investigation.

Automated report e-mailing

Enhancements within the ‘Cause-and-Effect’ feature allow automated reports to be e-mailed to required personnel.

Bespoke badge design and printing

In a bid to support the rapid generation of new authentication badges, and also to support corporate branding for easy visual recognition of authorised ID, GARDiS Version 2.3 enables the security operator to use personal image capture, photo ID badge design and print to aid visual verification.

Gamanet C4 integration

GARDiS now features a third party integration with Gamanet’s C4 Integrated Security System Gpoll 1.0.8 support. In fact, GARDiS Version 2.3 supports Gpoll 1.0.8, with up to 150 IP channels on a single instance.

Re-set of password via e-mail feature

This is for the simple, but secure re-setting of passwords.

Tina Baker concluded: “The latest raft of enhancements to GARDiS have been generated from close consultation with our installation partners and customers. Our development team firmly understands that new features must help to refine and improve real-world security operations, rather than being introduced simply because the technology is available. These new value-add features help to improve and refine secure access control operations and the user experience, benefiting both our customers and installation partners.”

The new features are available to download and install now through Version 2.3 of the GARDiS software.

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