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Systems integrator calls for value of security to be elevated

SECURITY IS at risk of continuing to be seen as a grudge purchase unless conversations are elevated from the monetary cost of individual components to focus squarely on the overall value that systems deliver. That’s the considered opinion of Brendan McGarrity, director of integrated security and fire systems business Evolution.

McGarrity believes the challenge that security faces has tended to be a cultural one centred around accountability. “When an incident occurs and the security ‘fails’, it’s seen as being the result of the security team’s shortcomings,” he explained in conversation with Security Matters. “Businesses then spend considerable sums of money attempting to put things right when they would have been far better off ensuring the appropriate targeted investment had been made up front, addressing the cause of the issue rather than the outcome.”

According to McGarrity, part of the challenge – at least to some extent – is caused by security businesses specifying equipment and systems that the customer doesn’t really need. He ventured: “Over-specifying equipment can be as big a problem as under-specifying, and especially so when it comes to perceptions of cost, value for money and trust.”

Continuing this theme, McGarrity explained: “Where the security industry needs to succeed is in elevating the conversation beyond one that revolves around cost, and whether one camera is cheaper than another, for example, and instead focus on the value that a system delivers over its lifetime.”

McGarrity’s adamant that the conversation should also focus on some of the less tangible costs to a business, like the price to be paid for the reputational brand damage that can – and often does – follow on from a security breach.

Pleasingly, McGarrity informed Security Matters that recent conversations conducted by the business with clients operating in high security environments are now far more positive than in times gone by.

On that note, he explained: “Clients now not only recognise that security profiles are changing, but that security can be a business enabler if managed and delivered appropriately. They also recognise the importance of keeping their buildings, assets and people safe, especially so in a COVID-19 environment where system-driven security solutions support the safety and well-being of employees. This is now a hugely important consideration.”

Certified systems integrator

Evolution recently became a certified and approved partner for Honeywell Gent, a business well known for its innovative fire detection and alarm systems. Having been recognised for its expertise, Evolution will now be able to offer Honeywell Gent products as part of its design, supply, commissioning, installation and maintenance service offer.

Nigel Hyson, sales manager for fire safety solutions at Evolution, commented: “The partnership will provide new opportunities and benefits for the business. Honeywell Gent is one of the most respected technology providers in the fire industry. For us to be named as an approved integrator is a tremendous accolade.”

Hyson went on to state: “Adding Honeywell Gent’s cutting-edge products and renowned training services will create a greater level of expertise within our team, opening up a number of new possibilities including access to new market verticals and sectors. It will also expand our service and maintenance capabilities, as well as creating more rounded supply proposals to suit all scales of project size and complexity for new and existing customers alike.”

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