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SoloProtect launches new range of intuitive touchscreen devices

SOLOPROTECT HAS launched a new range of intuitive touchscreen devices developed specifically to bring an enhanced level of technology and design to the lone worker safety market. The touchscreen range consists of three devices: SoloProtect ID Touch, SoloProtect Shield and SoloProtect Curve. Each is feature-rich, instinctive to use, water and dust-proof (to the IP67 rating) and accesses 4G networks for “comprehensive” cellular connectivity.

Steve Hough, president at SoloProtect, observed: “These really are the next generation of lone worker safety devices. They bring our offer right up-to-date with global developments in technology and offer an icon-led interface that’s much more akin to a mobile phone, which is something we all use instinctively.”

Embellishing that theme, Hough went on to state: “Due to the fact that they’re so intuitive, less training is required so, with an understanding of the functions facilitated by the device, users really can just ‘plug and play’. Therefore, if you currently have a lone worker safety solution, but struggle with usage, a user-friendly touchscreen device could be the answer for you.”

Core safety features

All the new devices benefit from SoloProtect’s core safety features including Red Alert, Incapacitation Alert (sometimes known as a ‘Man Down Alarm’) and Check-In, along with 24/7 monitoring from SoloProtect’s Alarm Receiving Centre.

They also feature Ready2Talk, a popular new service launched in 2021 and designed to ‘chaperone’ workers in those situations where there’s a clear safety risk (eg walking to a car at night and, in doing so, passing a group of people acting suspiciously).

Hough continued: “Our devices can enable a multitude of operational benefits. Our Latest Location feature allows managers to monitor the location of users to track the progress of work or facilitate redeployment decisions, while our Working Status feature allows a user to log when they’re either on or off-shift. All of this is visible in SoloProtect Insights, our online platform that’s pivotal to the implementation, administration, reporting and ongoing management of a solution.

Detail on each device

The SoloProtect ID Touch combines a personal safety device with an ID badge. It’s extremely discreet, allowing end users to raise an alarm without breaking eye contact, and is also ideal for those workers who wear an ID badge as part of their role or gain access to premises.

The SoloProtect Shield is a versatile, pocket-sized device that doesn’t compromise an active or outdoor role, providing comprehensive protection off-road or on-site. The SoloProtect Curve is a contemporary device that’s ideal for a work scenario, but every bit as appropriate in a personal setting.

“Our new touchscreen devices are designed to a high specification,” affirmed Hough. “They’re unaffected by dusty or wet environments, while 4G connectivity and geolocation technology reassures our end users of a quick response wherever they’re working. The illuminated touchscreen also makes the solution great for operating in the dark. Ideal for those long winter months when many lone or remote working risks are intensified.”

In conclusion, Hough stated: “We’re delighted to bring these devices to the market and complement our comprehensive product range. We can now offer end user customers a greater level of choice than ever before.”

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