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Mobile Signal Analyser introduced to UK market by BT Redcare

BT REDCARE, the trusted provider of ‘no compromise’ alarm signalling systems, has announced the launch of a new handheld mobile signal checker – designated the Mobile Signal Analyser (MSA) – which enables security system installers to quickly determine the best available location to fit mobile network connectivity-reliant alarm signalling solutions.

Ensuring they installers are able to deliver the right deployment locations first time, every time, the MSA provides them and their end user customer base with the confidence that solutions will always perform in emergencies and signal to designated Alarm Receiving Centres whenever alarms are triggered.

MSA checks the strength of 4G and 2G networks across the UK’s four MNOs. Working in conjunction with the BT Redcare app, it’s a small box solution that links to compatible smart devices via Bluetooth. MSA can check individual networks for signal strength, availability and the number of cell towers available, while also performing holistic analysis across all networks.

In addition, the MSA possesses an analytics mode such that network strength can be monitored over time.

The BT Redcare app is customisable, providing installers with the flexibility to quickly build reports including MSA results, pictures and notes, which can then be immediately shared in PDF format, in turn streamlining the admin task that installers face during the sales and survey process.

Key to security

Nick Whiting, head of BT Redcare, explained: “Installers hold the key to the nation’s security. They have a huge responsibility to deploy alarm signalling solutions where they will always operate as intended. MSA empowers them to quickly determine whether or not locations are suitably covered by 2G and 4G connectivity and mitigates them having to return to sites to refit.”

In addition, Whiting commented: “If end user customers are located in areas of low signal coverage, the installer can be immediately open about the options available, such as the use of extension aerials.”

Whiting went on to state: “Ultimately, not only is the MSA a great time saver, with installers not having to download information or do anything else to produce reports, but it also instils confidence that solutions will help to keep people, premises and possessions safe at all times.”

Next Generation portfolio

Installers can use MSA to quickly deploy the BT Redcare ‘Next Generation’ portfolio, which includes:

*Essential: a wireless, easy-to-install SP2 device with an integrated SIM that switches between mobile networks to find the most reliable coverage for sending signals across 2G and 4G

*Essential Extra: a wireless DP2 device with two 4G SIMs (the fully-monitored second SIM keeps customers connected if the first one fails and switches between networks to obtain the best coverage)

*Advanced: a flexible DP2 dual path alarm signalling system designed to change with a customer’s needs (with both a wired IP connection and dual 4G SIMs – one fixed and one roaming – it offers two levels of reassurance)

*Advanced Extra: With rapid alert response times, Alarm Receiving Centre operators will know about any connection faults on the primary path within three minutes (differing technologies for the signalling paths provide that extra resilience and DP3 requirements are met)

*Ultimate: Connected using a private IP connection on a dedicated BT Redcare broadband network, with its own built-in hub and backed up by two 4G SIMs (battery back-up in the alarm panel provides a failsafe and Alarm Receiving Centre operators will know of any connection problems within 90 seconds exceeding DP4)

For those areas with no mobile signal coverage there’s Essential IP. This dedicated single path alarm signalling device reports path faults within an hour (which exceeds SP2 standard requirements), plus it offers enhanced monitoring and end-to-end encryption. Connected to a given customer’s broadband using Ethernet or Wi-Fi also makes it hassle-free for the fitting process.

ECHO-ready solutions

All solutions within the BT Redcare ‘Next Generation’ alarm signalling portfolio are ECHO-ready and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. They’re also supplied with a ten-year product guarantee and manufactured from recyclable plastic.

The MSA is available now in the BT Redcare Installer Shop with the BT Redcare App sourced through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

*For more information visit the BT Redcare website

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