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S-Key biometric access cards eliminate risk of ‘Person Not Present’ fraud

UK TECHNOLOGY company Freevolt Technologies – the specialist developer of next generation biometric smart card products for access control – is currently promoting S-Key, a biometric access card which integrates the T-Shape sensor module from biometrics partner Fingerprints.

At present, the majority of access control systems don’t ask for any form of user verification when granting access. Possession of a card means full access. That being so, if that card is lost or stolen, security is potentially compromised until such time that the card is cancelled.

Using either an organisation’s existing access control infrastructure, or for a newly installed system, S-Key eliminates the threat of card loss by linking access directly with an individual’s fingerprint.

S-Key is available for logical and physical access, in both cases affording enhanced protection levels, while simultaneously reducing logon and entry times. This results in enhanced efficiencies for the end user organisation. Further, directly linking to individuals’ specific and unique fingerprints cuts out the scourge of ‘Person Not Present’ fraud.

The S-Key cards themselves work on all Near Field Communication (NFC)-based contactless reader technologies and are available in NXP Mifare, LEGIC and HID variants. On that note, Freevolt Technologies joined the Legic Partner Network last October. By leveraging patented, battery-less, fingerprint-activated smart cards with the LEGIC security platform, the risks associated with lost or stolen cards are negated. Illicit access to restricted areas is prevented, as is the fraudulent use of access cards.

Given the fact that the S-Key is a battery-less solution, there’s no requirement for the recharging or changing of batteries, which helps end user organisations to drive their sustainability goals. In addition, important personal data never leaves the S-Key card, which locks in with General Data Protection Regulation requirements and reduces the risk of data loss/hacking attempts.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the moved towards contactless access control. In this regard, the S-Key is certainly hygienic, avoiding multiple individuals sharing entry keypads, which actively helps to reduce absences and lost hours among members of staff.

Energy harvesting solutions

In essence, Freevolt Technologies develops Freevolt energy harvesting solutions that convert radio frequency (RF) energy into usable direct current. Freevolt is an award-winning suite of proprietary, patented and patent-pending technologies that recycle and harvest RF energy from radio transmission networks (eg NFC, cellular and Wi-Fi, etc) in order to power electrical devices such as smart cards, sensors and wearables. Biometric smart cards, though, are very much the lead commercial application.

Freevolt Technologies’ overriding mission is to enable advanced smart cards that feature fraud protection and improved security without any impact on existing infrastructure or the user experience.

Based in London, the company is underpinned by a team of international engineers whose constituent members bring a wealth of experience in RF energy harvesting and associated power and control technologies to the fore.

*S-key is available to order now. For more information visit 

** Gonzalo de Gisbert features as one of our special guests on Episode 24 of the Security Matters Podcast, which is now live to view via the Security Matters channel on the Podbean platform

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