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Jacksons Fencing launches comparison tool for LPS 1175 fencing

SECURITY FENCING and gates manufacturer Jacksons Fencing has recently launched a handy comparison tool on its website specifically for LPS 1175 fencing solutions. The tool is designed to help advise customers on the best perimeter protection solution for their proposed project.

The new tool complements the company’s four existing comparison tools in the fencing category covering timber fencing, welded mesh panels, vertical bar fencing and the acoustic barrier ranges.

Armed with over 70 years of expertise, Jacksons Fencing manufactures a wide range of security fencing systems that cater to all design and performance requirements from the contemporary to the traditional, with built-in privacy or noise reductions part of the mix. However, choosing the right product for the job at hand can be a challenge.

With this in mind, the new tool allows the comparison of up to three products at one time within each of the key ranges mentioned above. It helps by listing the key features of each panel, the standard heights available and what they’re most suitable for, as well as other determining factors to aid an informed decision.

LPS 1175 doesn’t cover climb resistance, but the comparison tool provides its own ratings for this, allowing end users to compare the level of protection against climbing that each panel offers, in addition to the security classification it has achieved.

Simple to use

Users simply select the range they would like to compare products within, select a product from each of the dropdown menus and then they’re able to cross-compare the three products side by side.

Information available via the tool covers the applications for which the chosen fencing type is suitable, its security rating, key features, finishes, heights and colours, in turn helping to make the decision process as easy and efficient as possible.

Further, the comparison tool also provides a thumbnail image which, when clicked, links through to the exact product, saving time spent searching.

Fit for purpose 

When specifying fencing for any security project, it’s important to consider the functionality as well as ensuring that it’s in keeping with the overall design.

Peter Jackson, managing director at Jacksons Fencing, commented: “This digital comparison tool combines our 70-plus years’ worth of expert product knowledge with common applications for each fencing type generated by data from previous customer purchases. Our existing comparison tools on the website have proven hugely popular, helping customers to determine which product will best suit their project needs and reducing research time.”

Jackson concluded: “There’s a growing need for specialists like us to provide information on demand. Today’s customers increasingly expect product data to be readily available online in the moment. Our comparison tool is quick and easy to use, ensuring that all relevant information is made immediately available to our prospective customers with the click of a mouse.”

*View the Jacksons Fencing comparison tools by visiting the company’s website

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