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Introducing the world’s first batteryless biometric access control card

FREEVOLT TECHNOLOGIES is a UK-based technology company developing next generation biometric smart card products for the access control, cryptocurrency wallet, healthcare and payments sectors.

We have recently launched S-Key, the world’s first batteryless biometric access control card, which connects entry to a person’s fingerprint, thereby eliminating the risk of lost or stolen cards. S-Key protects personal biometric data by keeping it on the card and works with all existing NFC access control systems, in turn significantly reducing the cost of adoption.

Our mission is to deliver advanced biometric access cards that feature fraud protection and improved access security without imposing any changes in the existing card reader infrastructure, while also improving the user experience.

Originally spun out from research completed at Imperial College London and developed over seven years, Freevolt is an award-winning suite of proprietary, patented and patent-pending technologies that recycles and harvests RF energy from radio transmission networks (NFC, cellular, Wi-Fi, etc.) to power innovative biometric smart cards.

For further information contact:

Gonzalo de Gisbert (Head of Product and Business Development)

+44 (0) 203 176 2350

Company Info

Freevolt Technologies

W10 5AD

020 3176 2350

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