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i-PRO and Vaxtor join forces to deliver apps on AI-capable cameras

PANASONIC i-PRO Sensing Solutions (a specialist in advanced sensing technologies) and Vaxtor, the analytics company, have announced a global collaboration focused on the latest generation of Vax ANPR software that can run on i-PRO Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled cameras.

These powerful and reliable AI-capable cameras can now integrate Vaxtor’s high-performing and easy-to-use edge application, in turn reducing system costs and complexity for the end user.

With analytics carried out on the edge of i-PRO cameras, the on-camera solution doesn’t need to stream video to a PC/server, thereby ensuring efficient operation on all networks (including 4G).

The app runs embedded on i-PRO AI cameras with simple per-camera licensing and no minimum camera count. It’s also integrated for use with the i-PRO Video Insight video management system for easy deployment and operation.

The AI solution is ideal for a range of applications, among them security, city surveillance, access control, parking, law enforcement and intelligent transportation systems.

This latest on-camera Vax ANPR application boasts recognition rates above 99% and is suitable for high-speed and low-speed traffic environments.

Going forward, Vaxtor also plans to integrate its other object character recognition (OCR) applications, including its generic OCR reader VaxOCR Genesis, for use on i-PRO cameras. This user-programmable, multi-functional OCR will “open a whole new range of uses” beyond security, including stock auditing, asset tracking and logistics, and also tackle any automation processes that include tracking of numeric codes.

“We’ve been incredibly impressed by the processing power of the i-PRO cameras, the open system and the flexibility and support of its technical team,” said Juan Vercher, CEO and founder of Vaxtor. “This combination of powerful hardware and collaboration will enable us to offer additional functionality to our joint customers.”

Adam Lowenstein, director of product management at Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions, responded: “i-PRO is focused on building strong partnerships with leading third party solution providers. This global collaboration with Vaxtor allows us to deliver advanced ANPR technology on i-PRO’s industry-leading cameras. Together, i-PRO and Vaxtor offer AI applications for the future.”

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