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Heras launches “next generation” perimeter intrusion detection systems

HERAS HAS introduced “the next generation” of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) to provide even greater levels of perimeter protection for high security sites and infrastructures of national or strategic importance.

An end-to-end supplier of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions, the company is now building on the first generation of PIDS with “significant innovations” that have resulted in a new and simplified portfolio of products with next generation capabilities.

The new GeoMic and GeoPoint systems – both of which boast Pro versions – are designed to complement and greatly increase the overall effectiveness of existing and specified perimeter protection fencing and gate lines.

PIDS are usually perimeter fence mounted, but they can also be wall or ceiling mounted, and are installed on the fence fabric to detect any potential intruders attempting to enter the site by climbing over, cutting through or even going under the fence.

When an intrusion at the perimeter meets the alarm criteria, PIDS will transmit an alarm signal directly to an alarm panel and/or integrated software management system such that the on-site security team members can verify and then act upon that alarm in an appropriate and timely manner.

Critical attributes

Heras has identified three critical attributes that will increase the performance capability of its PIDS. The first is the improved analyser algorithms designed to deliver added intelligence and categorisation of threats. The second is the multiple configuration options that match the site situation and reduce false alarms. The third is the improved communication and integration options.

These improvements mean that the PIDS performs more accurately, delivers better information and can be used in combination with other security measures.

Ian Crosby, chief marketing and technology officer at Heras, informed Security Matters that the launch of the next generation PIDS in the UK is part of a strategic, Europe-wide roll-out by the company, adding that GeoMic and GeoPoint have been developed specifically for UK sites including prisons, military/Government sites, power plants and Data Centres requiring the very highest levels of perimeter protection.

Crosby observed: “Having listened to customer feedback and that of our own installers and security integrator partners, we’ve taken advantage of developments in multifunctional components, coding and IP technology to significantly update and simplify our product range.”

He continued: “For the GeoMic products, we maintain the performance of our alpha cable and now couple this with updated and upgraded analysers to deliver Best-in-Class performance for perimeter detection. The brand new GeoPoint products deliver a step up in technology, offering more flexibility and opening up new opportunities for the detection of intrusion or tampering on the perimeter as well as inside it.”

Double the sensor range

GeoMic uses a discreet microphonic sensor cable (alpha) that listens for sounds – such as those generated from an intrusion attempt – around the entire perimeter. These sounds are converted into electrical signals that are then transmitted to the GeoMic, which analyses the signal and generates an alarm output if the signal meets the configured alarm criteria.

The GeoMic Pro has double the sensor range to cover a greater zone area. This makes it more cost-effective. It has twice the amount of monitored inputs and relay outputs such that it can integrate with more third party security equipment.

The new GeoPoint sensor system uses multiple sensors that are distributed along the fence line to detect movement and vibration. These sensors can be set up individually with reference to sensitivity and functionality, dependent on the mounting location. The sensors can be grouped into multiple unique zones around the perimeter. This enables more accurate visual verification of an intrusion when used in conjunction with video security management.

GeoPoint is not limited to fence lines only. It can also be used to bring smart detection to critical assets inside the perimeter. The Pro version communicates via an IP network and is completely scalable, which is ideal for larger sites and those that may grow and expand in the future.

*To enable people from all levels of the security industry to learn more about how PIDS work, Heras is hosting a free webinar which will also explore how the PIDS can be integrated into existing security systems and how they can reduce risk and add value to sites. The 40-minute session runs at 10.00 am on Thursday 17 June. Register here

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