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Guidelines from simPRO focus on growth tips for security businesses

SPECIALIST SOFTWARE business simPRO has produced a series of online guides collected within an e-Book containing Best Practice advice designed to assist field service-related companies – including security installation concerns – when it comes to growing and scaling their operations across 2023.

simPRO’s business guide covers the vital triumvirate of sales, operations and marketing strategies for trade businesses. Having Best Practice information to hand on these crucial areas ensures that businesses can scale as well as withstand the highs and lows of the growth process.

In essence, the e-Book is a digital toolkit fashioned to underpin the next steps for businesses operating in the security sector. Armed with these guides, instead of being potentially held back by what might best be described as organised chaos, slow processes and bad sales strategies, companies will be able to scale on a sustainable basis.

Sales and operations

For field service-centric businesses, knowing how to make the most out of the in-house sales team by investing in the right people, the right tools and the right processes will inevitably mean more business. By virtue of establishing a great sales team, the company will retain its commercially-focused members of staff, work more efficiently, provide exceptional customer service and grow.

Is your security instaallation/integration business run like a well-oiled machine or is it more akin to ‘stop-and-go’ traffic on a busy motorway? Running efficient operations is key to leaving that motorway and scaling the company.

The simPRO operations guide delivers deeper insight on where you’re increasing your profits or suffering a loss, how to use data to make better-informed decisions and outlines how the business can work smarter, not harder by adding the right tools for the technology stack.

Focus on marketing

Are you struggling to find the time to market your business? Do you feel bogged down by the sheer amount of social media choices now available? If you want to learn how to attract customers to your security business then look no further than the simPRO guide to marketing.

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