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BSI’s cyber security business evolves into BSI Digital trust

FROM TUESDAY 1 February 2022, the British Standards Institution (BSI) is changing the name of its Cyber Security and Information Resilience division to BSI Digital trust in order to better reflect its company value proposition and ensure enhanced relevance and awareness in the marketplace and among its myriad clients.

Digital trust is a domain of organisational resilience, which empowers organisations to safeguard their information, people, systems and technology to ensure safety, security, compliance, privacy, ethical requirements and brand reputation, while also enabling business effectiveness and efficiencies.

The BSI serves over 77,500 clients across 195 countries around the globe. Digital trust is an essential service for those organisations to establish with their employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

Digital trust is made up of four domains: cyber security and privacy, IT governance and risk appetite, aata stewardship and Artificial Intelligence ethics and the digital supply chain.

Mark Brown, global managing director for Digital trust at the BSI, explained: “Digital trust is about instilling confidence in an organisation that empowers its people, systems and technology to ensure its safety, security, compliance, privacy and ethical requirements. Given today’s cyber threat landscape and the emergence of new technologies, it’s imperative that organisations have the correct protocols, policies and procedures in place to keep their information safe, their data secure and their infrastructure robust. Ultimately, this will help to make them resilient.”

Brown added: “The BSI is at the cornerstone of shaping such resilience through the sharing and embedding of Best Practice for organisations, which is pivotal as society transitions to a truly digital economy post-COVID.”

Integrated portfolio

The BSI helps organisations to achieve a state of enhanced and sustainable Digital trust through its integrated portfolio of products and services.

BSI Digital trust is specifically tasked with providing digital and cyber risk advisory as well as security testing services to clients, in addition to examining areas such as data privacy, compliance and governance. Niche capabilities including e-discovery and e-forensics are also part of the mix.

In addition to these core services, a large number of new and enhanced services directed at overcoming the risks associated with the deployment into the business of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, 5G, blockchain and industrial security are offered by the BSI. This includes (but is not limited to) Operational Technology and Internet of Things security and penetration testing technology arenas such as infrastructure, networks, applications, attack simulation and red teaming exercises.

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