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EE introduces Scam Guard in bid to protect millions from fraudsters

EE HAS unveiled its ‘UK first’ scam fighting service, designated Scam Guard, which aims to provide customers with robust protection against scams and online threats. It’s designed to protect customers’ calls, data and online activity through spam and scam call labelling and Dark Web monitoring.

Research has shown that 40% of crimes committed across the UK are fraud-based and almost all phone users (96%) are affected by nuisance calls on a regular basis. A recent study conducted by Hiya found that 16% of UK consumers have reported losing money to a phone scam in the last year, with those who were scammed losing (on average) £632.

All generations are being targeted on the basis that fraud can happen to anyone. Consequently, individuals are encouraged to constantly remain on high alert.

Nationwide leader

EE is a nationwide leader in the fight against scams. Every month, the company blocks circa 15 million suspicious calls and texts before they can reach the intended victim. EE has blocked more than 84 million scam attempts in the first six months of 2024 (ie twice the number recorded in the comparable period for last year).

Scam Guard provides a network level defence to protect calls, data and online activity, with features including spam and scam call labelling and Dark Web monitoring. Monthly reports and breach alerts are provided.

The spam and scam call labelling uses an Adaptive Artificial Intelligence system, powered by Hiya, that analyses every aspect of a call in real-time to detect and notify customers of suspicious calls.

Dark Web monitoring alerts individuals if their personal information, such as bank card details and e-mail logins, appears on the Dark Web, providing breach details and tips for security.

It has been revealed by Norton that 72% of UK adults don’t understand how the Dark Web works, while 40% have never heard of a Dark Web monitoring service to see if their personal information is present.

Scam Guard aims to not only educate, but eliminate the stress so that users can both better understand the technology they’re using and be safe while using it.

Prioritising customer protection

Helen Burrows, policy director for BT, said: “We have always prioritised the protection of our customers. Our investment in Scam Guard is something about which we are all incredibly proud. We truly believe that it will make a significant contribution to the prevention of scams and fraudsters.”

Burrows continued: “EE was a founding member of Stop Scams UK and part of a cross-industry alliance to share intelligence on scams. We also employ security experts and network-level security to safeguard our network and customers from cyber attacks. This is something we take very seriously indeed. While we already block an impressive number of scams, there’s always more that we can do. Scam Guard covers all bases so that customers can feel safer on our network.”

Scam Guard is now available to all EE pay monthly mobile customers and will be available to purchase as an add-on. Dark Web monitoring and access to free Cyber Security Duo for three months can only be activated by the account holder.

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