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CSL announces launch of GradeShift Pro 2 dual-path signalling solution

SECURE CONNECTIVITY solutions provider CSL has announced the launch of its GradeShift Pro 2. The dual-path signalling solution, which is now available from chosen Alarm Receiving Centres, represents the evolution of the original and extremely popular GradeShift Pro.

As part of the established DualCom Pro range, GradeShift Pro 2 uses a combination of two radio paths or one radio and one LAN path in order to signal an alarm. Each SIM operates on an independent network from the other for total resilience.

GradeShift Pro 2 is also compatible with CSL Live and the My Base app.

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to ensure that it provides the latest innovations for the market, CSL has listened to – and worked with – installers in the development of GradeShift Pro 2. These innovations have added even more features to this dual-path solution.

The new features include dial capture on board as standard, 12 channels as standard and also an Ethernet socket on board as standard for LAN connection (there’s no need for an adaptor).

Rob Evans, CSL’s sales director, told Security Matters: “We’ve been thrilled with the success of the GradeShift Pro since its launch back in July 2019. So far, over 75,000 dual-path installations have used our latest alarm signalling innovation, with great feedback from across the UK and Ireland.”

Evans added: “We’re very excited to bring GradeShift Pro 2 to the sector and I’m confident that system installers will love the latest features we’ve added to further improve the product.”

*For more information on the GradeShift Pro solution visit the CSL website

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