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Corsight AI, Anekanta AI and Advent IM partner on FaceComply project

THE INTEGRATION of facial recognition technology in various sectors has presented both remarkable opportunities and significant challenges, particularly so in the realms of legality, compliance and ethical implementation. Responding to these complex issues, three industry leaders – namely Corsight AI, Anekanta AI and Advent IM – have joined forces to introduce FaceComply, an initiative that’s aimed at “reshaping the landscape of facial recognition compliance” and responsible adoption.

With a collective vision to redefine the ethical implementation of facial recognition technology, Corsight AI, Anekanta AI and Advent IM have duly brought FaceComply to the forefront. This expert service combines the profound expertise of these organisations in AI technology, risk management, data protection and cyber security.

Tony Porter QPM, chief privacy officer for Corsight AI, former Surveillance Camera Commissioner at the Home Office and a guest on Episode 28 of the Security Matters Podcast, has emphasised the importance of prioritising privacy, while also embracing technology.

Porter stated: “The capabilities of facial recognition technology are vast, but they must always be deployed responsibly. FaceComply symbolises our commitment to providing organisations with a privacy-centric approach, navigating compliance intricacies, while simultaneously driving technological advancements.”

He continued: “FaceComply’s clients will benefit from a range of comprehensive services, including ‘Streamlined Compliance’, which itself eliminates the complexities of compliance by proactively staying ahead of privacy laws and regulations. This ensures effortless adherence to stringent requirements such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and emerging international laws.”

Further, Porter added: “Our seasoned experts offer a ‘Privacy Focus’, providing clients with expert guidance to navigate the intricate landscape of facial recognition technology and privacy regulations. This empowers informed decision-making and sound practices.”

Comprehensive understanding

A special guest on Episode 27 of the Security Matters Podcast, Pauline Norstrom (security industry technology leader and international Board director for over 20 years, as well being the CEO of Anekanta AI and Anekanta Consulting, which specialise in providing AI research, impact, risk and governance software and services for global clients) has shared her perspectives on FaceComply’s significance.

Norstrom observed: “The path towards responsible technological progress requires a comprehensive understanding of potential impacts and risks. FaceComply represents a milestone in our commitment to equip organisations with the knowledge and tools they need to adopt facial recognition technology in an operationalised and ethical manner in their specific industry and geography.”

In addition, Norstrom informed Security Matters: “FaceComply provides tailored advice encompassing risk assessment, impact evaluation and relevant legislation analysis. Our Anekanta AI software solution automates the contextual examination of facial recognition regulations in the operating territory and industry and recommends Best Practice, risk mitigations and trustworthy principles aligned with the specifics of the use case.”

Unity and shared vision

Mike Gillespie, founder and thought leader at Advent IM (itself a leading cyber security and data protection consultancy) hsd underlined the power of collective action.

“FaceComply exemplifies the industry’s unity and shared vision for the future. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment that fosters innovation, while maintaining a strong focus on compliance. Together, we are reshaping the very definition of ethical implementation. The service includes ‘Proactive Risk Management’, enabling the identification and mitigation of risks in real- time, pre-emptively addressing potential privacy breaches in order to safeguard organisations from reputational harm and regulatory risks.”

The collaboration is said to embody a “pivotal moment” in the industry, as it shifts towards balancing innovation with ethical considerations. As FaceComply gains momentum, this signifies a transformation in terms of how organisations approach the integration of facial recognition technology.

FaceComply offers not only a solution to compliance complexities, but also serves as a testament to the industry’s commitment to creating a future wherein innovation aligns seamlessly with ethical and legal frameworks.

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