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Incedo becomes “even more powerful hub” for connected security

GIVEN THAT none of us can predict the future with 100% accuracy, it follows that business systems must always be under review. Things change. As such, people and processes should always be ready to adapt. However, adaptation in security is easier said than done when systems are static. Accommodating change and diversity – with flexibility, scalability and the widest possible range of devices – was the exact ethos behind the launch of the Incedo access control ecosystem from ASSA ABLOY.

Incedo is built to grow and change alongside the organisations where it’s deployed. Since its launch in 2020, the range of available access hardware has grown. It now includes Aperio wireless locks, cutting-edge wired readers and PULSE intelligent keys powered by energy-harvesting technology.

Software options have expanded to incorporate Incedo Business Plus, which integrates with third party solutions including video surveillance, biometrics and face recognition, as well as the high-specification Incedo Business Cloud.

For access control, a cloud solution makes system management more convenient. Implemented as part of a digital transformation strategy, cloud management helps companies to administer security in a streamlined, location-independent and efficient manner.

Incedo is created for this kind of business. Security managers running an Incedo Business solution can work remotely as well, while maintaining complete control over every building access point.

Incedo Business Cloud solves many pressing daily challenges faced by facility managers. They no longer need to be on-site to handle day-to-day security. Incedo Business Cloud operates securely on a 24/7 basis from any PC with an Internet connection. Installing the system is simplicity itself, with no complex integrations required. Software updates are regular and automatic, with real-time reports and analytics available.

The system works ‘out of the box’ via a cost-efficient subscription service. Onboarding is fast and hassle-free. Organisations can feel confident about compliance and confidentiality as business transactions and user data are safeguarded with an Information Security Management System certified to ISO/IEC 27001.

According to the Wireless Access Control Report 2021, over one third of companies now use cloud-based access management. This proportion is likely to grow in the years ahead as working practices become increasingly more mobile-focused and a hybrid model of location-independent employment becomes even more popular.

Growing demand for cloud management

The business benefits of ‘managing from anywhere’ are driving the demand for cloud solutions within security and beyond. In a survey of organisations operating within diverse sectors across Europe, 78% of 1,000 decision-makers interviewed anticipated increasing their use of hosted cloud services. Last year alone, the growth in public cloud infrastructure was forecasted at 35%.

Cloud-based management affords security managers the flexibility to work remotely, adding extra flexibility to their workflows and greater scope for managing multiple sites from a single control point.

Across Europe, businesses are increasing their expenditure on IT to accommodate the boom in remote working. Yet, conversely, a cloud access control solution can actually save businesses money.

A cloud software solution like Incedo makes budgeting more predictable for facility and security managers. It removes the need to hire additional in-house IT support and maintenance teams, or to buy additional equipment. You know ahead of time how much resource to allocate and can scale infrastructure up or down quickly.

Cost and efficiency benefits

The business benefits of ‘managing access rights from anywhere’ will continue to drive ever greater demand for cloud solutions within security and beyond. Survey data shows the way in which companies manage access control will continue to be a mixed picture, with both locally hosted and off-site cloud solutions for Access Control-as-a-Service. When developing and extending the Incedo ecosystem, the process is always about giving end users the choice and the ability to change their plans at any time.

Migration between Incedo’s local and cloud management options is always seamless in either direction, ensuring total flexibility. When beginning with Incedo, businesses can choose the security hardware and credentials they need from a wide and ever-growing range of ASSA ABLOY and third party solutions and then combine their chosen hardware with the right management option.

With the recent launch of Incedo Business Cloud Offline, security managers now have even more choice in terms of how they work remotely, while maintaining control. Offline and online control can be managed together within one flexible installation and from anywhere in the world. Incedo Business Cloud Offline makes access management easier and more convenient, with powerful tools available offline as well as online.

A choice of devices suits flexible offices and industrial warehouses, etc. The range of hardware and management functionality has been a huge attraction for European companies, which have already adopted Incedo Business Cloud. One such business is Clockwise.

Clockwise is a provider of flexible office space for entrepreneurs and established businesses. The company’s fast-growing offer includes contemporary offices, meeting rooms and shared workspaces in multiple cities in the UK and continental Europe. Co-working is a fast-developing market as the demand grows for flexible or hybrid working almost everywhere, with COVID-19 having accelerated a trend that was already well underway. One recent forecast suggests that Europe’s co-working spaces market will continue to grow at almost 5% per annum over the next five years.

Any business which relies on flexibility places high demands on door security and access control. Clockwise needs a broad choice of electronic devices to secure meeting rooms, private offices, communal spaces and main entrances. These access points often require different lock types. The range of Incedo-enabled devices on offer was critical in Clockwise’s decision-making.

Diversity of devices

The same challenge faced another Incedo adopter, namely power tools manufacturer Makita. “The diversity of access control devices available for an Incedo system was a decisive factor in our thinking for the project,” stated Makita’s Richard Cimerman.

At newly-built premises in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, the business searched for a single, intuitive system to control every access point, both now and into the future. As is the case at almost any sensitive commercial site, not every door or opening is the same. Makita needed an access control solution with a comprehensive range of devices to secure escape doors, entrances, interior doors and more.

The facility now has an Incedo system controlling access through main entrances, fire doors and emergency exit doors, as well as interior doors fitted with Aperio wireless electronic escutcheons. User-friendly Incedo software manages and monitors everything together from a single control panel. It filters and restricts employee and visitor access to specific areas of the site.

Businesses which cannot afford to stand still – ie almost every business – need access control which can move with them. For example, Clockwise’s access management must adapt as quickly as Clockwise’s clients require. The office space demands of a start-up, freelance co-worker or growing SMB can change at any time.

End user access rights

As tenants come and go frequently, Clockwise’s facility managers need the tailoring of end user access rights to be as easy as possible. Clockwise’s own spaces and portfolio may also evolve. The company’s access system must be able to scale instantly up or down. Incedo can do exactly that.

The diversity of Incedo-enabled devices enables Clockwise to select the ideal electronic lock for every opening. Internal private office doors, ‘Zoom rooms’ and meeting rooms, as well as communal area doors and entrance/exits, are secured with wireless access control devices and managed by Incedo Business Cloud.

Users may select physical credentials like smart cards or otherwise unlock with mobile keys stored on their smart phone. Incedo saves everyone’s valuable time. Managers don’t have to issue new keys in person or ever require a user to visit reception before using a meeting room, for example.

At Makita, Clockwise and elsewhere, Incedo’s flexibility is equipping businesses with a future-proof access solution that’s designed to grow with them.

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