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BSIA launches cyber registration scheme for security equipment manufacturers

THE BRITISH Security Industry Association (BSIA) has introduced a cyber security registration scheme for security equipment manufacturers through its Cyber Security Product Assurance Group (CySPAG).

The new self-declaration registration scheme is based on the requirements of BSIA Form 343 Manufacturers of Safety and Security Systems: Cyber Security Code of Practice. Its aim is to provide a level of confidence for the supply chain – including end users – that products procured for use in safety and security systems have been produced by CySPAG-registered manufacturers who have processes in place to manufacture and supply products using cyber risk mitigation techniques. It’s also about manufacturers providing a level of ongoing support throughout a given product’s lifecycle.

To support the scheme, the BSIA has created a CySPAG registration website, which allows companies to self-declare that their product(s) are produced using the process described in the BSIA’s aforementioned Code of Practice. Once accepted, the company will receive a certificate and can use a CySPAG badge of assurance on their products.


The self-declaration will be valid for 12 months from the date of acceptance to the scheme, at which point the self-declaration must be renewed for ongoing registration to continue.

The scheme is open to members of the BSIA as well as non-members, with registration fees based upon the applying company’s status. Over the coming months, the BSIA is planning to launch a dedicated cyber scheme for installers.

Taking responsibility

Glenn Foot, chair of the CySPAG and product manager at Eaton, said: “We are delighted that the CySPAG has launched this new scheme. It’s important that the industry takes responsibility for itself rather than being dictated to by other organisations.”

Steve Lampett, technical manager at the BSIA, added: “This scheme should provide confidence throughout the supply chain that cyber security has been addressed at a product level and that, if installed correctly, a given product will remain secure throughout its operational life.”

*Registration details are available online at

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