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BSIA publishes “industry-first” security fogging Code of Practice

THE BRITISH Security Industry Association (BSIA) has introduced its latest Code of Practice which the Trade Association is badging as “an industry-first” when it comes to the specialist subject of security fogging.

‘Security Fog Systems: Installations, Commissioning and Maintenance – Code of Practice’ is the first of its kind intended to support the design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of security fog systems conforming to EN 50131-8. The Code of Practice is also designed to serve as a practical aid for risk mitigation and the attainment of operational requirements.

Carl Gibbard, vice-chair of the BSIA’s Security Equipment Manufacturers Section, commented: “I’m pleased that the BSIA has worked with members and insurance companies alike to deliver a Code of Practice which closes a gap in the standards arena. This document can serve to mitigate risks and demonstrate the abilities of a professional industry that produces quality products.”

Further, Gibbard noted: “The simple installation of an EN 50131-8 security fog device is not enough in terms of considering all of the factors which may influence the effective operation of such a system. This becomes apparent when security fog systems need to perform differently in various scenarios, including hold-up situations or burglaries.”

Providing a roadmap

Steve Lampett, technical manager at the BSIA, explained: “The BSIA continues to develop and support initiatives that further professionalise our industry sector. This new Code of Practice is testament to this assertion. It provides a roadmap that focuses on the actual performance required from a security fogging system to achieve the obscuration objectives of the security solution to which it has been deployed.”

In addition, Lampett stated: “A significant amount of time and effort has been put into developing this Code of Practice in an effort to provide a framework for designers, installers and maintainers who wish to apply the European product standard (EN 50131-8) here in the UK, while at the same time addressing the specific needs of the UK market and its stakeholders.”

*‘Security Fog Systems: Installations, Commissioning and Maintenance – Code of Practice’ is available on the BSIA’s website. Download the Code of Practice online here

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