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Traka commits to customer-centric service pledge for 2024

AUTOMATED KEY and equipment management solutions developer Traka has committed to ensuring ‘Great Service Delivers’ throughout 2024 with the introduction of a dedicated customer-centric pledge designed to yield “unparalleled experiences” for its customers, partners and stakeholders alike.

The theme of the pledge captures the spirit of exceptional customer service, with Traka’s employees each demonstrating common behaviours through five ‘pillars’ echoed throughout the company’s global business. At all times, team members are absolutely determined to be ‘Truthful, Responsive, Approachable, Kind and Accurate’.

T: Truthful

Through a commitment to delivering quality products designed to meet each and every customer requirement 

R: Responsive

The business prides itself on its responsiveness through a dedicated customer-centric support facility and Helpline which offers customer assurance and guidance (in some cases on a seven days per week basis) 

A: Approachable

Building long-standing customer relationships by listening to customers’ needs, with all customers supported throughout their journey as their business evolves

K: Kind

Being proactively helpful and treating customers with a service that’s personal to them

A: Accurate

Traka’s sector expertise allows the business to develop a comprehensive understanding of its customers’ needs, which then enables it to accurately support them with a best-fit solution

The eagle-eyed among you will note that the initial letters here spell out the company’s name.

This customer-centric approach reflects the core focus of Traka’s business: putting every customer first. From the moment they place an order all the way through to the installation and aftercare procedures, the customer must receive a consistent level of care.

Optimistic outlook

Tom Smith, head of business for Traka UK, told Security Matters: “In the remaining quarters of 2024, the outlook for the security industry is optimistic. We firmly believe that the key to success is not only about building on partnerships and forging closer collaborations, but also ensuring we commit to providing customers with quality solutions that meet their exact business needs.”

Smith went on to state: “Traka delivers great service at every step of a given customer’s project, from concept to completion and on again to aftercare. Through active listening, our employees develop a full understanding of our customers’ requirements and we’re then able to respond quickly in terms of what they need. Great service underpins Traka’s complete business and captures our dedication to delivering exceptional experiences, while in parallel maintaining strong, positive relationships.”

Sector expertise

Traka uses its extensive sector expertise to understand customers’ bespoke security requirements and subsequently integrates the latest innovative technology to streamline operations through asset management across a full range of business sectors.

Matt Gregg, UK sales manager for Traka, concluded: “At Traka, our goal is to create long-term relationships with every customer. This desire is based on our ability to ensure ‘Great Service Delivers’, which goes way beyond products. Our pledge for 2024 encompasses our customer-centric strategy, enabling us to deliver on and exceed customer expectations every single day and provide full-scale solutions alongside dedicated support for every step of the process.”

*Further information on Traka’s ‘Great Service Delivers’ pledge is available online at

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