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Traka highlights role of security technology in supporting prison system

TRAKA HAS published a new White Paper investigating how security technology can support inmates, staff and rehabilitation programmes in order to “reassign responsibility” within – and, indeed, “reshape” – the prison estate.

Traka showcases intelligent key management solutions at the NEC

TRAKA IS attending The Security Event to showcase its latest intelligent solutions in key and equipment management together with powerful integration capabilities configured to improve sector productivity, security and accountability.

Traka issues White Paper on key digital opportunities for NHS

TRAKA’S LATEST White Paper follows the incredible journey of the NHS from its iconic beginnings to the new-found pride felt in the UK as the national institution continues to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic.

Traka Automotive enters mechanical key systems market with launch of TrakaMEC

TRAKA AUTOMOTIVE, the electronic key management solution provider for automotive dealers, has just expanded its product portfolio by launching the TrakaMEC mechanical key management range.

Powerful central management solution

Traka, a global leader in intelligent management solutions for keys and equipment, in conjunction with Maxxess Systems, has developed a seamless integration with Maxxess’ eFusion open platform, to allow complete site control, centralise site visibility and present real-time monitoring, ensuring situational awareness for all assets, safely and securely.

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