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SSAIB celebrate initial Surveillance Camera Day at IFSEC 2019

Following a day of SSAIB 25 celebrations on the second day of IFSEC, SSAIB followed that up by celebrating Surveillance Camera Day at IFSEC 2019.

SSAIB chief executive Alex Carmichael chaired one of the committees on behalf of the surveillance camera commissioner Tony Porter, so SSAIB were more than happy to commemorate Surveillance Camera Day 2019 throughout the day at the SSAIB Lounge - on what was the conclusion of another successful IFSEC for the leading certification body for the fire and security industries.

With the surveillance camera code of practice in full focus at the security industry's premier international event, SSAIB's lead auditor Stephen Grieve discussed the certification process for anyone wanting to become SSAIB approved for the scheme.

The certification journey

From the outset, we would encourage an applicant for certification against the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice to first complete the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) that is available to download as part of an online toolbox that is published on the Surveillance Camera Commissioner website, at

This will assist you greatly in establishing your level of preparedness for the certification process itself and help our auditor better understand your current approach. Make certain that you specify what surveillance camera systems you are completing the SAT for – CCTV, Body Worn Video, Drone, ANPR or any combination of these.

The certification process is in two parts; an optional Step 1 Desktop Review, followed by a mandatory Step 2 on-site audit. The focus of Step 1 is to establish the current level of conformance with the Code of Practice by a review of policies and procedures related to the surveillance camera system.

You will be asked to forward a copy of your SAT and any Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) or Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) that you may have previously completed, together with any policy documentation. The auditor may ask for additional information if clarification is required over the purpose and justification for the system or related matters.

You will be provided with a copy of the Desktop Review report that is submitted to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner. This will include any identified non-conformance, good practice or opportunities for improvement. If any non-conformance is identified, this will need to be corrected before a recommendation is made to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner to grant Initial Certification against the Code of Practice. Once this has been achieved, your initial certification is valid for 12 months.

Completion of the Step 1 Desktop Review is then followed by the Step 2 on-site audit of the system within those 12 months. If the Step 1 option has not previously been taken, then the applicant proceeds direct to Step 2 and will be asked to submit the same documentation that would have been asked for at Step 1.

The focus of Step 2 is to verify that policies and procedures relating to the surveillance camera system are being followed. This will include records in respect of the disclosure of images and day-to-day management of the scheme. Depending on the number of separate systems being included in the application - and their geographic spread - the Step 2 on-site audit may need to be conducted over two or more days. However, this will be discussed with the applicant and the Surveillance Camera Commissioner before agreeing an appropriate bespoke approach.

Again, you will be provided with a copy of the Step 2 audit report that is submitted to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner. Similarly, this will include any identified non-conformance, good practice or opportunities for improvement. As with the Step 1 Desktop Review, if any non-conformance is identified then this will require to be corrected before a recommendation is made to grant full certification.

Full certification is valid for a period of four years, subject to an annual Desktop Review or - for those more complex applications where a bespoke approach has previously been agreed - an annual on-site audit.

Full costings on the certification process can be obtained by calling our office on 0191 296 3242 or by emailing Should you prefer to have an informal discussion with our lead auditor, Stephen Grieve, please call him on 07870 336029.

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