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SMARTair from Abloy UK enables intelligent lockdown of premises

ABLOY UK is currently highlighting the functionality of its SMARTair wireless access control solution that affords facilities managers full control to lock down access for an entire building – or areas of it – both quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.

SMARTair offers intelligent access control. With a single command, doors equipped with SMARTair devices may be set to ‘Block Mode’ and can only be unlocked with a specific credential. This means that, aside from designated staff, no-one at a given site can move around freely.

Alternatively, the ‘Emergency Close’ function locks all openings remotely and simultaneously, while an authorised credential may still unlock them.

As a third option, every device can be set to ‘Emergency Open’, which unlocks them all. This could provide Fire and Rescue Services, for example, with instant access to a whole building or site.

Online management

With the SMARTair solution, full building lockdown may be initiated from the system’s software interface or Web Manager. It can also be activated via an emergency push-button connected to a SMARTair HUB. In addition, SMARTair enables control of each individual door if this should be required.

A facilities manager can pre-define over 250 different lockdown ‘zones’. In any emergency scenario, they then choose whether to lock down a whole zone or only specific doors. This level of control could protect people and valuable assets or. in extreme situations, even help to save lives.

With the control provided by SMARTair’s ‘Global Lockdown’ feature, managers can be confident that building users have the highest level of protection against the unexpected.

Convenience and flexibility

With intuitive management software and battery-powered locks for almost any application, SMARTair systems are easy to install and convenient to use. They can handle a large number of end users and offer a choice of credentials, including standard RFID cards, tags and fobs along with Mobile Keys via the SMARTair Openow app.

The system is more cost-efficient to run than wired access control, which needs mains electricity, or traditional mechanical security, where locks must be managed manually and individually. Doors require minimal alteration when SMARTair devices are fitted because there’s no need for any cabling.

Efficiency on site

Ifazaad Liaqat, technical sales manager for SMARTair, explained: “With mechanical security systems, remote lockdown is impossible, while many existing wireless electronic access control systems simply don’t have the ability to lock down efficiently or, in some cases, at all.”

Liaqat continued: “With the comprehensive range of SMARTair devices, among them escutcheons, cylinders, locks and a wall reader, plus flexible control thanks to the SMARTair software, facilities managers can run their site efficiently, safely and with confidence, even during an emergency episode.”

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