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Partizan Security’s IP CCTV cameras now compatible with CathexisVision software

PARTIZAN SECURITY’s series of bespoke integrations continues with the news that its IP CCTV cameras are now compatible with CathexisVision software. CathexisVision is an electronic and software systems development and manufacturing company specialising in video management solutions for the international market.

The company has been developing solutions for the industry for more than 20 years now and lists significant blue chip and Government organisations among its customer base which encompasses clients operational in the European Union, the USA, South Africa, the UK, Australia, India, Africa and the Middle East.

CathexisVision’s video surveillance solutions are being applied in all vertical markets. The capability of the software to easily integrate with third party products including network IP surveillance cameras, access control, intruder alarm and fire panels, as well as many other digital products, enables it to supply systems that offer holistic solutions beyond pure security. This increases the customer’s return on investment as they see the CathexisVision video management solutions adding value in many aspects of their business.

CathexisVision is a powerful, yet highly cost-effective and exceptionally stable video management solution. Partizan Security is confident that its own high-tech CCTV cameras working in combination with CathexisVision’s software will provide end users with even more functionality when it comes to the high-quality video surveillance of open plan areas and premises.

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