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Security Research Initiative survey focuses on culture of security

THE LATEST study programme orchestrated by the Security Research Initiative asks a key question: ‘While there is much emphasis on the quality of security being delivered by Security Departments and service providers, can security truly be excellent without first establishing the right attitude towards the discipline and encouraging the right degree of engagement with security among the wider workforce?’

Developing – and then sustaining – an effective security culture is an essential component of a protective security regime and helps mitigate against a range of threats that could cause physical, reputational or financial damage to today’s organisations.

As the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) points out, the phrase ‘security culture’ refers to the set of values, shared by everyone in an organisation, that determine how people are expected to think about (and approach) the subject of security. Making sure that the security culture within a given organisation is right will assist in developing a security conscious workforce and promote the desired security behaviours from all members of staff.

The benefits of an effective security culture being formulated and put in place include:

*a workforce that’s more likely to be engaged with – and assume responsibility for – security issues

*increased compliance with protective security measures

*reduced risk of insider incidents

*awareness of the most relevant security threats

*employees are more likely to think and act in a security conscious manner

Collective responsibility

Many of today’s organisations want to embed an effective security culture wherein security is a collective responsibility shared by everyone across the company. With this in mind, Perpetuity Research is now seeking the views of security professionals on the significance of security culture and the factors impacting that culture, including recent trends.

Views can be shared anonymously via an online survey, which is open to any type of security professional/expert. The survey takes approximately ten minutes to complete and the deadline for responses to be received is on or before Friday 17 March 2023.

*Access the survey questions online at

**All survey participamts will be afforded the opportunity to automatically receive a free copy of the study findings once the report is published in the latter part of this year.

***As stated, the research is being undertaken under the umbrella of the Security Research Initiative. More information is available online at

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