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Secure smart lock system

British security manufacturer Squire will launch what is described as one of the world’s most secure smart lock systems for remote control access at Intersec, with its new generation Inigma electronic high security padlocks and cylinders.

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Squire’s advanced Inigma digital Bluetooth security system provides convenient, secure access control for remote locations, from just one user to many thousands of users.  

Designed and engineered by Squire, Inigma electronic technology takes lock security to the highest level and has been tested the highest level.

Using smartphone access, what makes Inigma different is that just one app can control multiple cylinders and padlocks.

From offices, substations, mobile and modular buildings, data storage cabinets, electricity panels, student accommodation to healthcare facilities and medical cabinets.

Using Bluetooth BLE communication, the Inigma wireless access control system works by connecting the smart locks to a secure cloud server via a mobile network and a clever smartkey.

Just one key can open over 10,000 locks, and it can record over 10,000 locks visited. Lost or stolen smart keys can be blacklisted or deleted, and there is a multi-function LED (green, red, orange) with low charge indicator. 

The key works in tandem with a smartphone to provide near-real-time functionality, including key re-validation and permission changes, all co-ordinated from the Inigma app.

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