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Rising data breach numbers addressed by new Advent IM Training Academy

SECURITY CONSULTANCY and specialist training provider Advent IM has launched a new Training Academy in order to deliver specialist instruction – both on-site and online – that will assist today’s security professionals in combating the rise of data breaches within their organisations.

Recent research shows that the average cost of a data breach is skyrocketing year-by-year. 2024 will likely prove to be no exception to that rule. The main reason for security breaches is human error, with just less than one-fifth of UK businesses providing security training. That’s according to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023 published on GOV.UK

In parallel, The Ponemon Institute/IBM report that, since 2017, the mean number of days it takes to identify a data breach has increased from 191 to 204. This points to a new level of complexity in attacks. Attackers are increasing their dwell time in networks, while cyber victims are finding it more and more challenging to identify breaches.

As stated, humans are the common factor in most breaches, representing the most likely attack vector or point of failure. This emphasises the importance of employee training.

Role-specific education

That’s where Advent IM is stepping in. The company has increased the number of available course trainers and also expanded the number of courses being provided.

Having accumulated upwards of 20 years’ experience within the cyber realm, Advent IM is particularly keen to assist in reducing the risk of data breaches.  

Mike Gillespie, co-founder and managing director of Advent IM, stated: “At Advent IM, we have long known the value of quality, targeted and role-specific education and training when it comes to building an organisation's resilience. Effective training greatly reduces the likelihood of individuals causing a data breach by positively affecting their behaviours, attitudes and belief systems. It builds a positive information culture and increases an organisation’s ability to resist an external attack or unwanted incursion.”

Gillespie concluded: “Education and training has been part of Advent IM’s core offer for many years now. The launch of the Advent IM Training Academy marks an evolution in our ability to continue to deliver excellent quality learning, while also expanding our portfolio to ensure that we continue to make businesses secure through targeted and detailed instruction.” 

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