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Qognify heralds global VMS roll-out project involving Boehringer Ingelheim

VIDEO AND enterprise incident management solutions developer Qognify has entered into a global video management system roll-out project involving Boehringer Ingelheim, the research-driven biopharmaceuticals company.

Founded back in 1885, Boehringer Ingelheim operates from 180 sites around the world. Circa 52,000 employees serve upwards of 130 markets in three distinct business areas: human pharma, animal health and biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing. The business is continually working on breakthrough therapies specifically designed to improve the lives of humans and animals.

In order to effectively support video surveillance, family-owned Boehringer Ingelheim made the decision to standardise its hardware and software approach in terms of configuration and the roll-out of IT systems.

The variety of sites involved meant that the VMS system selected had to be able to support its end users with their requirements as well as satisfy the IT Department’s overriding need for system stability and ease of support.

Selection process

To find the right video management system that would meet all current and future requirements, Boehringer Ingelheim conducted an in-depth vendor selection process, pitting the market-leaders in video management system development against each other and comparing them in relation to over 200 relevant areas such as IT security, system expandability and reliability of operation, as well as ease of deployment. Physical testing also had to be conducted by end users and technical teams.

Qognify’s VMS solutions were eventually selected for Boehringer Ingelheim’s multi-site enterprise environments. Ease of deployment, high scalability and its customisation abilities rendered Qognify’s Cayuga video management system the best solution. Boehringer Ingelheim recognised that Cayuga could significantly reduce deployments time for new CCTV installations, so too the overall project cost and time effort expended.

Supporting the majority of network cameras currently available on the market, Cayuga manages all camera feeds to enable holistic video monitoring at a glance, whether centrally on-site or remotely.

Comprehensive portfolio

Qognify’s comprehensive product portfolio contains physical security and incident management solutions. They create added value for many sectors including companies operating in the manufacturing, transportation, retail, financial, logistics, education and critical infrastructure sectors.

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