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PTSD Resolution film supports Armed Forces veterans on D-Day Anniversary

PTSD RESOLUTION, the charity working with the UK’s security industry to provide therapy in support of the mental welfare of Armed Forces veterans, has launched a new short film designed to raise awareness of the mental health issues veterans face and outline the support available to them.

The film was releases on 6 June, the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, and pays due tribute to the sacrifices made by members of the Armed Forces.

The charity is highlighting the often-overlooked struggles of veterans, many of whom work in the security sector, as they cope with the psychological impact of their days of service. PTSD Resolution’s film aims to shed light on these issues and offer hope to those in need by showcasing the free and tailored therapy provided by the charity’s nationwide network of 200 therapists.

Colonel Tony Gauvain (Retired), chair of PTSD Resolution, has emphasised the importance of the film’s message: “On this significant anniversary, we remember the bravery and sacrifices of our Armed Forces personnel. However, we must also acknowledge the ongoing mental health battles many veterans face long after their service ends. This film serves as a reminder that help is available. No-one should suffer in silence.”

Unique approach

Since its foundation back in 2009, PTSD Resolution has received over 4,000 referrals, completing therapy for individuals in an average of seven sessions. The charity’s unique approach allows it to support veterans facing addiction issues or those in prison, as well as family members who may experience secondary trauma from living with a traumatised veteran.

The film’s launch is part of PTSD Resolution’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness and provide support to the Armed Forces community. With a lean operation and no salaried staff or assets, the charity ensures that funds are used primarily to deliver therapy and conduct essential research and public information campaigns.

Veterans, reservists and their families are encouraged to reach out to PTSD Resolution for free and confidential support. The charity’s network of ‘Human Givens’ trained therapists is available to provide support locally, by phone and online, ensuring that help is accessible to all those who need it.

Security associations

PTSD Resolution is working with a range of security associations to raise awareness of mental health issues, among them ASIS UK, The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, the City Security Council and the City of London Crime Prevention Association.

*To learn more about PTSD Resolution and the support on offer, visit the organisation’s website at

**View the new PTSD Resolution video on YouTube

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