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International Security Expo 2022 prepares to showcase sector innovation

UPWARDS OF 300 international security suppliers underpin this year’s edition of the International Security Expo, which returns to London’s Olympia on 27-28 September (and for which Security Matters is serving as the Lead Media Partner). This market-leading security event is all set to deliver the perfect platform for suppliers to launch new products, showcase innovation and generate new business from a vetted, high-level audience of more than 10,000 active security buyers.

Security professionals are increasingly having to mitigate a number of varied threats. Set against this backdrop, the International Security Expo offers attendees myriad opportunities to witness and try out the latest innovative security products and solutions across a wide range of product areas including screening and scanning, perimeter protection, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, intruder detection and monitoring, access control and biometrics and, of course, CCTV and surveillance.

Unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, are rapidly becoming a part of everyday life, permeating more and more sectors of society. A study conducted by PwC estimates that 76,000 drones will be in use in the UK by 2030, saving businesses an impressive £16 billion and making a £42 billion impact on the economy. However, while growing opportunities and applications for drones have driven the evolution of the technology, they’ve also been the catalyst for increased security risks.

New drone and counter-drone technologies will be on display at this year’s International Security Expo, with companies including LiveLink Aerospace, D-Fend Solutions, Dedrone, Riegl, NavTech Radar, Robin Radar Systems and QinetiQ highlighting the latest solutions.

BravoZulu, the global provider of anti-drone systems, is going to spotlight its award-winning DroneRanger, which is capable of jamming cellular and satellite signals with coverage of frequency bands from 20-6,000 MHz and ranges of over 20 km. Fellow exhibitor Toshiba will focus on its components for multi-mission C-UAS solutions to detect, track, analyse and mitigate suspicious drones. The company’s long-range radar, RF Sensor, short and middle-range Radar and autonomous hunting drone are all part of the mix at Olympia.

Meanwhile, Drone Defence will display its AeroSentry drone detection dome, AeroEye (optical Artificial Intelligence drone detection), Paladyne E1000MP and E2000HH drone jammers, as well as the AeroPing remote-ID, are going to be on display. Live demonstrations are planned in order to illustrate the capabilities of the AeroTracker platform, itself a cloud-based integrated airspace monitoring solution providing real-time flight viewing of both manned aircraft and drones. The solution also provides historic flight reports, which can be used in prosecutions in line with CPR35 regulations.

Screening for public safety

For airports and train stations through to large-scale venues, public spaces and organisations operational in the retail or entertainment spaces, security screening systems are essential. Those systems must also meet certain standards to deliver precision when it comes to detection, recognition and classification.

Among the exhibitors highlighting the latest advancements in screening technologies, 3DX-Ray Limited will showcase its AXIS-CXi mobile cabinet-based X-ray system, using aviation-standard ‘Materials Discrimination’ for screening mail, parcels and smaller baggage for the presence of potentially harmful items and contraband. Designed for environments where space is at a premium, the CXi system offers a large inspection chamber and imaging area, while retaining a small footprint.

The company also offers the ThreatScan Portable System: a fully integrated amorphous silicon portable X-ray inspection system with a primary display, computer, communications and power supplies consolidated into a single, waterproof rugged case.

ThreatScan-LS1, ThreatScan-LSC and ThreatScan-LS3 are all line-scan X-ray inspection systems designed for rapid deployment and ease of use. They operate with the intuitive and user-friendly ThreatSpect software to produce high-quality, sub-millimetre resolution images.

Further highlighting the specialist application of scanning equipment, GreyScan Detection is showcasing its field-deployable CZE trace detection system, which is designed to detect home-made explosive compounds. The ETD-100 inorganic trace threat substance detection is helping to close the gap in detection capabilities by accurately and reliably identifying trace levels of Nitrate, Chlorate and Perchlorate compounds as well as other inorganic substances that present a high risk to secure environments.

As the much anticipated Protect Duty legislation will place responsibility on publicly accessible locations, and the requirement for businesses to take appropriate and proportionate measures to protect the public, new search and screening regimes will likely become the norm. Business owners attending International Security Expo will have the opportunity to witness a wide range of screening technologies in action from suppliers including Smiths Detection, Astrophysics, Apstec Systems, Rapiscan Systems, Scan-X and ThruVision.

From screening to surveillance

In addition to scanning and screening technologies, CCTV and surveillance solutions will be widely promoted on the show floor. Suppliers such as Vaylia, Bowman, Aspire Monitoring Services, Eagle Eye Networks, Everbridge, HALO Technologies and SeeQuestor are focused on the latest solutions for monitoring both public and private spaces.

Joining them, Pelco (Motorola) will promote its video surveillance cameras, video management and recording systems, security software and aligned services including the Sarix modular camera. This NDAA-compliant discreet camera solution offers two imager module options to capture scenes and people of interest. OpenEye, the cloud video platform company, will highlight how its technology combines the performance and reliability of local recording with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud. The OpenEye Web Services platform streamlines operations and reduces the burden on IT, making it easier to manage video deployments and integrations.

Elsewhere, Oddity is going to demonstrate its smart and efficient surveillance software monitors. They deliver video feeds in real-time, alerting security personnel to any violent incidents, car crashes, perimeter breaches or other episodes of interest with a detection speed of less than half a second.

Securing the perimeter

Physical perimeter security is often the first line of defence against a malicious attack, making the evolution of perimeter protection solutions a critical element for many Critical National Infrastructure sites as well as a wide range of domestic and commercial premises.

Highlighting the latest in perimeter security solutions, suppliers including Pitagone, Marshalls, APEX Vanguard, ASL, CLD Fencing Systems, Jacksons Fencing and Lochrin Bain will demonstrate how their solutions deter, detect, deny, delay and defend.

Gallagher Security will highlight why the company is widely recognised as one of the most trusted providers of high-security solutions deployed to protect some of the world’s most significant assets and locations. Its advanced perimeter security systems are founded on two core principles: deterrence and detection. Gallagher’s Command Centre enables operators to manage and monitor a range of solutions including fence controllers and hardware, integrity monitors, perimeter sensors and security integrations across multiple sites from one central location.

Meanwhile, Abloy UK, the provider of high-security locks, will be exhibiting its range of compliant and patented high-security locking and digital access solutions. The company offers a complete package of digital access control, electromechanical and mechanical locking systems to fulfil virtually any locking requirement.

Funding for future innovations

Suppliers are being invited to find out how the Government’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) could provide them with critical funding support. With an open call for submissions, funding is now available via the Security Rapid Impact Open Call for Innovation, itself a unique channel for innovators working in the security sector to pitch their ideas to Government.

The initiative is designed to spearhead the next generation of solutions that could enhance UK security.

Interested suppliers are encouraged to speak with the DASA Security Exploitation Team at this year’s International Security Expo.

Commenting on this month’s show, the Nineteen Group’s event director Rachael Shattock stated: “With less than four weeks until we return to London Olympia, we’re delighted to offer an overview of the exciting innovations and product areas that will return to the show floor at this year’s International Security Expo. There’s no doubt that, once again, everyone in attendance will be astounded by the level of innovation the industry continues to demonstrate as it responds to ever-changing dynamics in the security landscape.”

Shattock added: “2022 has seen the industry preparing for the possible challenges emerging from modern warfare and geo-political tensions. By providing the critical link between Government, industry, academia and the entire end user community, we can help to strengthen the relationships that are essential for improving global safety and security.”

*For more information about this year’s International Security Expo and to register your attendance visit the show’s dedicated website at

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