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IDIS compact PTZ dome camera delivers advanced performance

THE NEW 2 MP compact 12x zoom PTZ dome developed and launched by IDIS is the smallest in its class and comes packed with high-performance features and smart functions. Rapid installation is assured.

The same size and appearance as a typical fixed mini dome, the DC-S6261X-A delivers “exceptional” image capture even in challenging, changing and dappled light conditions for real-time monitoring and recording in a wide range of indoor applications (from retail, hotels and commercial offices through to healthcare and logistics settings where wide area, uninterrupted surveillance is critical for the location).

A key benefit of the new light and compact PTZ dome is fast and easy installation. Engineers don’t need to remove the camera bubble, avoiding the risk of dust ingress and image quality compromise.

The camera can be quickly attached to a wide choice of mounts with just a light touch ‘push and click’ technique. A triple safety wire support structure means safe installation and maintenance, while also ensuring the camera remains securely fixed to deliver continuous and stable coverage in the event of tremors or when exposed to localised impacts.

The 12x zoom DC-S6261X-A offers advanced PTZ functionality, with a smooth pan and tilt mechanism that allows 360-degree panning and seamless tracking with a 180-degree tilt range. Delivering clear images over 50 metres, this compact camera provides operators with the ability to clearly identify objects and recognise faces in order to detect and identify persons of interest and suspicious or fraudulent behaviour.

Areas of interest

To easily monitor facilities, operators can configure up to 256 pre-sets to quickly scan areas of interest or schedule tours to automatically move between a series of positions at pre-determined speeds and durations.

The compact PTZ dome comes packed with additional features including true Wide Dynamic Range with an auto iris, motion detection, tampering, trip zones, alarm input and output and IDIS electronic image stabilisation, reducing the effects of vibration and shaking.

It’s also easy to operate using the IDIS Smart UX Controls from centralised or client software as well as IDIS mobile apps. These smooth and seamless controls allow operators to follow moving objects easily and accurately, panning images at different speeds and in different directions literally without lifting a finger, including Area Zoom for rapid switching between tracking and wide area monitoring.

Further, IDIS Quick Control functions afford operators the option to use the keyboard CTRL button and mouse combination for all key monitoring tasks.

Regulatory requirements

The DC-S6261X-A joins IDIS’ extensive range of Korean-made NDAA-compliant cameras and NVRs, making it a safe choice for users globally committed to meeting the highest standards and regulatory requirements.

“Easy to install, use and maintain this compact and low-profile PTZ provides exceptional value and delivers on the IDIS promise of an exceptional user experience as well as a low total cost of ownership,” commented James Min, managing director of IDIS Europe. “It’s light, compact and loaded with features to ensure wide area and HD image capture, making it the perfect choice for indoor spaces where reliable monitoring and recording are critical.”

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