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G4S wins interim security contract for Sizewell C nuclear plant

G4S SECURE Solutions UK has been awarded an interim security contract worth £4.3 million by EDF Energy to protect the Sizewell C nuclear power station, which is being constructed in Suffolk to provide low carbon electricity for circa six million homes for at least the next 60 years.

The project is expected to commence before 2024, with construction taking between nine and 12 years depending on developments at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset, which is also being developed by EDF Energy and shares major similarities with the Sizewell plant.

This news is going to realise the creation of almost 100 jobs for those living in the Suffolk region. To date, upwards of 50 local residents have already applied for positions or are in the process of onboarding.

One individual who fits into the latter camp is James Self. Born and raised in Suffolk, Self joined G4S back in 2018 as a security training manager at Hinkley Point C before transferring to work on the Sizewell C interim contract in role of contract manager.

“It’s so exciting to be working at Sizewell C and be involved in job creation for the people of Suffolk and East Anglia,” explained Self. “There’s going to be plenty of opportunities for those looking to change careers or access the employment ladder, and they’ll be supported by an experienced and friendly team throughout their time with us.”

In terms of specific detail, Self added: “The roles for which we are recruiting are more than just a ‘security officer’. People joining G4S to work on this contract will be looking after the safety of our customers, contractors and their staff, their buildings and assets, while in parallel delivering excellent customer service in a safe and secure environment.”

Contract duration

The Sizewell C contract is expected to continue through 2023. Available roles will focus on the vetting of employees, managing access to the site as part of a dedicated access control team, monitoring surveillance systems, safeguarding the site’s perimeter and being involved in incident management reporting.

To fulfil the contract, G4S is also implementing the Sizewell C induction team.

One interesting fact to note about this contract is that circa 80% of the new roles being created will be filled by individuals who do not already hold a Security Industry Authority licence. In short, those who join the business with no licence will gain a new qualification funded by G4S while working for the business.

Working hours will vary depending on the role. Some roles will be Monday to Friday office hours, while others are to be based around shift working.

Hinkley Point C

Since July 2015, G4S has been working on a decade-long contract to provide security services during the construction of the aforementioned Hinkley Point C, itself the first new nuclear power station to be built in Britain for a generation.

In 2017, the same customer – ie EDF Energy – awarded G4S a multi-million pound contract to provide facilities management services at the same site in South West England.

“For over a decade now, G4S has been committed to securing the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure,” asserted Alistair McBride, strategic accounts director for G4S UK’s Nuclear Power and Utilities Sector-focused operation. “We’re incredibly proud of our work to create thousands of job opportunities for local residents and sector specialists throughout the country.”

The construction of the Sizewell C is expected to take circa ten years.

*Further information on the security roles available for the Sizewell C contract can be accessed online by visiting the G4S website at

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