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Cloud physical security “a critical link” in digital transformation agenda

MORPHEAN, THE developer of Security-as-a-Service and cloud analytics-focused solutions, has issued a White Paper designed to assist security businesses in understanding and adopting the digitalised world of physical security.

The document explores the reseller potential of cloud physical security, arguing that the latter is now playing a critical role in the digital transformation agenda as Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven analytics help to “unlock superior security and intelligence benefits”, while in parallel mitigating the rising cost base now being felt by many security businesses right across Europe.

Digitalisation has ushered in a new era of hosted security platforms that are disrupting the industry. With the cloud providing the critical infrastructure, exciting new technologies and systems are emerging that enable the sharing of powerful data-driven insights from surveillance data.

These benefits relate not only to improved security, but also to operational intelligence that will drive drive efficiencies and profitability for end users. Increasingly, it will be those security professionals who can combine a physical security-focused set of skills with knowledge of the cloud, networks and systems who’ll reap future rewards.

As the cost of living crisis deepens with energy and fuel prices running at their highest rates in decades, the guide reasons that cloud, AI and analytics have multiple economic benefits for partners. Switching to the cloud not only represents more predictable budgeting and recurring revenue for the partner business, but also leads to cost savings by dint of making better use of people and internal resources, while also helping them to gain something of a competitive edge as customer requirements rapidly evolve.

Cloud physical security

Cloud physical security, charged per device per month, offers the partner a route to more sustainable revenue growth and also allow contracts to be leveraged by upselling more features. With cloud, a highly skilled technical engineer can set up systems remotely. This saves money on fuel and means that several customers’ jobs can be completed in the time that it would take to set up just one system at a customer site.

Selling and deploying faster and more efficiently represents a better return on the individual’s salary investment.

Key areas covered in the White Paper, itself entitled ‘Why Cloud is Now Mission-Critical for the Physical Security Industry’, include the following:

*Cloud physical security: a new digital dawn for CCTV

*The business case: reduce costs and streamline operations

*Analytics and data-driven decisions: improve security and business performance

*Employing sustainable practices: achieve green targets

*Improving cyber security knowledge: protect networks and systems

Trusted partnerships: build relationships that lead to long-term success

Martyn Ryder, vice-president of sales and marketing at Morphean, explained to Security Matters: “Such is the nature and complexity of the modern threat landscape that companies are increasingly turning to external partners in order to strengthen their security posture. To remain competitive, physical security specialists need to arm themselves with knowledge of network connectivity, AI and the power of analytics. This then allows them to position cloud physical security technology as more than just business security, but also business intelligence. The partner can also access many potential cost-saving benefits to assist in future-proofing their business.”

Trusted partnerships

The new White Paper also explores the importance of establishing trusted partnerships focused on working more collaboratively in order to minimise system vulnerabilities and mitigate cyber security risk.

Learning to recognise the cyber risks will help security professionals and their customers ensure that the most appropriate security protocols are in place for maximum protection of networks and systems alike.

The transition towards Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS) and Access Control-as-a-Service (ACaaS) also represents a significant step towards a more sustainable agenda. Cloud employs cleaner and greener data storage with newer energy-efficient technologies and techniques, while also enabling easier scalability and a shift away from legacy equipment.

*Download a copy of the White Paper Learn Why Cloud is Now Mission-Critical for the Physical Security Industry

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