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Chubb and CriticalArc forge global partnership for enhanced security

CHUBB’S GLOBAL business and CriticalArc have joined forces to enable SafeZone – CriticalArc’s award-winning, cloud-based security, safety and emergency management solution – to be offered to Chubb’s customers through the latter’s connected services offer, namely Chubb VisiON+.

The investment by both companies in the development of a streamlined and cohesive offer delivers far-reaching security and safety benefits for customers.

As a key supplier in the remote monitoring sector, Chubb has been extending support for its service with more fluid and hybrid working models. In parallel, CriticalArc’s SafeZone provides powerful new capabilities, with its ‘Safety Everywhere’ concept helping organisations to comply with standards such as BS 8484 focused on lone worker safety and security.

SafeZone allows businesses to manage the safety and security of their people wherever they have a Duty of Care, regardless of geography, with a whole suite of services from lone worker emergency assistance through to real-time location solutions.

Supported by Chubb, SafeZone is designed to bring peace of mind to all individuals on a 24/7 basis, whether they’re working at an office, remotely or both, and regardless of whether or not the employer has own security response teams in place. The solution can be configured such that all alerts are responded to solely by members of Chubb’s expert monitoring team, the organisation’s own responders or a combination of the two.

That being so, SafeZone is suitable for a wide range of people including field workers, healthcare and care workers visiting patients and remote workers of all types. It can also be used by universities to protect students, government and healthcare associations.

An app-based solution, SafeZone makes it easy end for users to call for help via their smart phone and to share their location in real-time with operators at Chubb’s dedicated Security Monitoring Centres. In critical situations, end users will be directly connected to the appropriate response team for the most efficient emergency assistance.

Personal safety

Integrating Chubb’s global scale and local expertise with SafeZone’s cloud-based SaaS technology helps enterprises and organisations with larger sites instil confidence in employees in relation to their personal safety. Customers further benefit from Chubb’s consistent and fast response monitoring teams, bolstered by SafeZone’s highly scalable distributed command and control environment.

“We are excited to announce Chubb’s partnership with CriticalArc, which has enabled us to set a new standard for the industry when it comes to personal safety,” commented Frederic Peyrot, global customer solutions and innovation director at Chubb. “CriticalArc’s offering perfectly complements our own 24/7 Chubb VisiON+ service which focuses on using data and insights to take the right actions at the right time. Together, we can respond to alerts quickly, bringing improved connectivity, responsiveness and overall peace of mind.”

Darren Chalmers-Stevens, Group chief operating officer and managing director for the EMEA/APC regions at CriticalArc, responded: “This partnership is genuinely a first-of-its-kind for the market and great news for organisations looking to offer their workforce ‘Safety Everywhere’. The depth and breadth of Chubb’s global reach into multiple industries will enable organisations around the world to take advantage of both Chubb’s and CriticalArc’s continually developing capabilities as we innovate.”

*Chubb is partnered with the upcoming UK and Australia SafeZone Conferences to demonstrate the combined offer. The next CriticalArc SafeZone Conference takes place in Sydney, Australia on 23 May 2022. For more information on these events visit

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