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BSI unveils supply chain-focused SCREEN News subscription service

THE BRITISH Standards Institution (BSI) has unveiled the details of SCREEN News, a new offering in the BSI Connect supply chain portfolio. Available as a monthly subscription service, SCREEN News realises unlimited access to supply chain-centric intelligence articles, personalised daily e-mail updates and special risk reports.

Providing end users with the ability to sort by interactive news filters, the new service will yield on demand insight and the visibility needed to better understand global threats and proactively mitigate risks to ensure supply chain resilience.

“SCREEN News enables organisations to accelerate their understanding of risks and gain insights to empower decision-making and build a more resilient supply chain,” explained Jim Yarbrough, global intelligence programme manager at the BSI. “Whether you’re dealing with issues of cargo theft, forced labour or simply looking to build a more sustainable and transparent supply chain, SCREEN News provides a first look at the trends and threats impacting today’s global supply chains.”

SCREEN News continuously monitors the four main drivers of supply chain disruption to help organisations remain up-to-date with emerging threats and better protect their supply chain, brand and reputation. These include:

*Security incidents such as theft, counterfeiting, terrorism and piracy

*Corporate Social Responsibility incidents including trafficking and forced and child labour

*Business continuity risks such as political and economic instability and man-made/natural disasters

*Food-related incidents (eg fraud and theft)

Potential for upgrades

As the entry-level subscription in the comprehensive BSI Connect SCREEN product offering, SCREEN News is available immediately. The high-level intelligence provided by the news component can be expanded to include additional, more targeted and granular data.

Upgrades are available. These encompass:

*SCREEN Intelligence: Includes SCREEN News as well as interactive risk mapping, country risk ratings and profiles and four modules all within a customisable interface

*SCREEN Edge: Infuses SCREEN Intelligence with supplier audit functionality. This includes an unlimited number of supplier audits per year, personalised alerts and notifications, custom or pre-configured audits, automatic translation and unique dashboards and reports

Importers, manufacturers, Governments and associations use the BSI Connect SCREEN platform to quantify the global risk of supply chain incidents. The database uses proprietary supply chain risk intelligence to look at over 20 threat ratings in more than 200 countries and has collected in excess of 50,000 recorded incidents in its ten-plus-year history.

By infusing geographic risk data and analysis into the assessment process, combined with historical data, organisations can track compliance and risk throughout the supply chain to maximise visibility and focus on the most significant issues confronting them.

Best Practice advice

The BSI Connect SCREEN platform is designed to deliver an end-to-end suite of services that provide organisations with Best Practice advice, training, tools and solutions that will allow them to assess, monitor and efficiently manage supply chain risks.

In addition, SCREEN connects users with an extensive network of BSI subject matter experts who regularly contribute insights to the platform.

*To learn more about BSI Connect SCREEN News, and to sign up for a free 30-day trial, access the website

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