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Bosch equips Safer Runnymede

THE UK BOROUGH of Runnymede has enhanced safety in public spaces by delivering future-proof security after installing a Bosch integrated video security system.

Safer Runnymede coordinates all connected solutions in a Control Room in the town of Addlestone, where a staff of three operators monitor security feeds from over 500 security cameras deployed around various boroughs within Surrey. Next to public streets in the area, the flexible system also monitors schools, hospitals and other public buildings around the clock. Every year, the team responds to 20,000 incidents from cameras, and the video security system has proven an asset in monitoring traffic, preventing crime, as well as providing evidence and following suspects after incidents. But achieving this level of integration was a challenge.

Initially, the video security system consisted of hardware from several different manufacturers including Bosch – making updates or replacements a time-consuming process – that was networked on a Bosch Video Recording Management (VRM) solution. Looking for a future-proof and scalable system built on an integrated software platform, the officials in Runnymede tasked Bosch to design a fully IP-based security camera architecture. 

Since the Safer Runnymede system already included a Bosch monitor wall plus encoders, cameras, VRM and storage devices, system integrators could leverage the initial investment into a full suite of Bosch solutions. The system now combines new high-resolution AUTODOME IP 4000, AUTODOME IP 7000, MIC IP 7000 moving cameras, and FLEXIDOME IP 7000 fixed cameras, plus older Bosch and third-party analog cameras paired with encoders, decoders, and DIVAR IP 3000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 recorders. Connecting these solutions via the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) allowed Runnymede to become one of the first councils to invest in a fully IP-based infrastructure.

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