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Banham Security’s ARC fast-tracks alarm signals to police service

BANHAM SECURITY and ECHO (Electronic Call Handling Operations Ltd), the not-for-profit, industry-backed alarms handling operator, have jointly announced that Banham Security has become the ‘launch customer’ for ECHO and, in turn, the first UK Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to be ECHO-connected in order to fast-track alarm signals to the police service.

For its part, ECHO is set to “transform” intruder and hold-up alarm signal handling when ‘every second counts’, while Banham Security is at the forefront of this initiative which is specifically designed to deter crime and facilitate a faster police response.

By switching from traditional telephone communication between individual ARCs and Police Control Rooms to an ECHO-connected process, police response times can be improved by as much as four minutes. It’s then a more efficient and effective deployment of police resources to alarmed premises.

All approved ARCs in the UK are now able to become ECHO-connected and help improve police response times for the certificated alarm systems they monitor. Robust connectivity to ECHO is being provided by BT Redcare and CSL networks. A key component of ECHO ARC eligibility criteria is Cyber Essentials/Plus certification, which duly demonstrates an ongoing commitment to cyber security.

Domestic and commercial users of National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board-approved installers and their professionally installed alarm systems can benefit from ECHO as police forces and ARCs around the UK are ECHO-connected during 2021.

Transforming response

Martin Herbert, managing director at Banham Security, explained: “Banham is delighted to be the first ECHO-connected ARC in the UK. This is an exciting moment, not only for Banham, but also for the entire UK security industry. ECHO’s new technology has allowed us to transform the way in which our industry responds to alarm activations by rapidly reducing response times, providing support for the police and affording additional peace of mind for our customers. It has been a privilege to have worked in partnership with ECHO in achieving successful end-to-end testing of this groundbreaking technology at our in-house ARC in South West London.”

Herbert added: “Having remained at the forefront of burglary prevention for over 95 years now, Banham is proud to have worked with ECHO in setting a new benchmark for security innovation and alarm monitoring for the industry.”

Richard Jenkins, CEO at the NSI, observed: “Approved alarm installers across the UK will be able to offer ECHO-connected alarm systems as, in turn, police forces adopt ECHO-connected alarm handling. This marks a significant additional degree of assurance for homeowners and businesses operating police response alarm systems.”

ECHO director Martin Harvey concluded: “We are incredibly grateful to Banham Security for its support and assistance in the development of the ECHO concept over the last three or more years and welcome the business as the first ECHO-connected UK ARC. The ECHO initiative is a shining example of how collaboration between the police service and the professional private security industry can deliver significant and tangible benefits for all.”

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