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All-new Wisenet NVRs apply AI functionality to non-AI cameras

THE FIVE new Wisenet P Series AI NVR models just launched by Hanwha Techwin are able to apply AI metadata to images captured by most non-AI Wisenet cameras, thereby allowing end users to quickly and accurately search for people and vehicles.

The licence-free Deep Learning AI video analytics on board the NDAA-compliant NVRs offer a wide range of search criteria including, for example, looking for people of a certain age group or gender, as well as whether they are wearing glasses or carrying a bag.

Similarly, a search for vehicles can be narrowed down to those of a particular colour and whether the focus is a bicycle, bus, car, motorbike or truck.

The NVRs can be set up to trigger real-time alarm notifications if an object is detected.

Selected bullet, fixed, PTZ, 360° fisheye, multi-directional and thermal cameras from the Wisenet X, P, Q and T Series are among the long list of cameras supported by the new NVRs. In addition, and as is the case with 32- and 64-channel Wisenet X NVRs, the new devices are able to support all of the features built into the Wisenet P Series AI cameras, including the classification and detection of faces and licence plates.

User interface  

Operators can take full advantage of the NVRs’ functionality with the help of UX 2.0, a brand ew user interface which offers zoom in/out and drag and drop support and a timeline preview feature, as well as enabling all event settings to be edited in a single window. 

Other key features shared by the NVRs include the following:

*up to 400 Mbps network camera recording at up to 32 MP recording resolution

*up to 16 SATA HDD bays each offer 10 TB storage data capacity

*RAID 5 and RAID 6 support

*dual 4K and 1080p HDMI outputs

*simultaneous playback across all channels

*dynamic event support including e-mail alerts, PTZ pre-set control of PTZ cameras, Control Room buzzer and monitor

*support for Wisenet AI and 8K cameras and improved compatibility with all Wisenet PTZ, multi-directional and thermal cameras

*ONVIF Profile S conformant

Bandwidth efficiency

The NVRs feature WiseStream II complementary compression technology which improves bandwidth efficiency by up to 75% when compared to current H.264 technology and when combined with H.265 compression. The ability of the NVRs to support cameras which are dual streaming video at different resolutions can further reduce bandwidth requirements.

The NVRs’ SATA HDDs are supported by Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T), which detects and alerts operators to any possible imminent hardware failures. Offering N+1 failover support, the NVRs also feature Automatic Recovery Back-up (ARB) to provide continuity of recording and remove the risk of video evidence being lost.

In practice, ARB facilitates the transfer and seamless storage of the images stored on a camera’s SD card if communication between one of the NVRs and a Wisenet camera is disrupted for any reason.

In addition, the new PRN-6405DB4 NVR is equipped with a dual switched-mode power supply to provide continuity of recording for mission-critical applications.

GDPR compliance support

Security personnel can apply bookmarks to prevent important video from being overwritten, with the NVRs programmed to automatically delete the bookmarked video after a defined time period in order to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The installation time of the new NVRs is minimised by the ability of engineers to remotely connect to the NVRs. This is achieved via a smart phone or tablet without having to set up a complex network by using P2P and unique QR product codes.

Further, the NVRs can be easily configured to match an end user’s requirements with the help of an intuitive interface and installation Wizard.

The new Wisenet P AI network NVRs are as follows:

*PRN-1605B2: 16 channel AI NVR. Up to eight channels providing AI support. 2 HHD bays

*PRN-3205B2: 32 channel AI NVR. Up to 16 channels providing AI support. 2 HHD bays

*PRN-3205B4: 32 channel AI NVR. Up to 16 channels providing AI support. 4 HHD bays

*PRN-6405B4: 64 channel AI NVR. Up to 32 channels providing AI support. 4 HHD bays

*PRN-6405DB4: 64 channel AI NVR. Up to 32 channels providing AI support. Dual switch mode power supply. 4 HHD bays

“The accuracy of the deep learning AI video analytics incorporated into these new NVRs provides security personnel with a powerful tool to detect and track people or vehicles that may be involved in criminal activity,” explained Uri Guterman, head of product and marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe.

“By eliminating false alarms which can occur when standard motion detection technology or sensors are being used to detect activity, the NVRs allow security personnel to focus on responding to real incidents and emergencies.”

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