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Bold Communications recently released the latest version of their alarm and CCTV monitoring platform, Gemini v2.0.

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Widely used in both commercial ARCs and private control rooms, Gemini is developed independently of any product manufacturer and is designed specifically for the UK monitoring sector.

The software handles alarms and CCTV from the complete range of industry standard alarm panels and leading CCTV systems. Gemini provides the operator with a simple to follow handling process, with all required information on a single screen. Bold work with leading security manufacturers to ensure that the full range of product types can be integrated for an effective response.

Within Bold’s new Gemini v2.0, many existing CCTV interfaces have been updated and new ones added. High level integration between Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), and discrete alarm devices and video systems has been developed. False alarm management features to handle rogue detection devices have been added along with controls to quickly close down high volume duplicate alarm events, in addition to new privacy features.

Integration with other control room services, such as telecoms and guard despatch has been developed, and the client user software has been refreshed to provide a modern and easy to use feel. Gemini Mobile Web also been completely redesigned to provide the complete range of features needed by field service engineers and other remote users. 

The platform’s design and functionality is driven by the needs of the diverse range of Bold’s user types - from small site monitoring systems, through to high volume commercial control rooms. This means that scalability, modularity and ease of use for all types is essential. Space, resources and staff capability are always at a premium in a control room where different systems are being operated. Managing all services on a single, device-agnostic, platform not only helps overcome these challenges but also can achieve significant efficiencies for energy, space, training and support, as well as reducing equipment costs, single points of failure and the carbon footprint. 

Gemini v2.0 has recently been adopted by many leading UK security service providers. 

Brian Kelly, managing director, commented: “As the move toward integrated monitoring gathers momentum, there is only one way to ensure that a product is future proof and that is by continual enhancement and development. This has always been the core of our approach to security monitoring technology and will always remain so.” 

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