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3xLOGIC’s VIGIL heralded as “driving force” in ANPR

3xLOGIC – THE provider of integrated and intelligent security solutions – has introduced an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) utility as part of its VIGIL suite of products.

Designed as a cost-effective solution for use in a wide range of applications where post-event investigations require precise imaging to identify number plates, the ANPR utility is highly effective in environment such as vehicle parking zones, car dealerships and vehicle rental operations.

Alex Buckle, 3xLOGIC’s UK and European sales support manager, explained: “ANPR has proven to be an incredibly important tool for detecting individuals who may be wanted by the police in relation to stolen and/or uninsured vehicles, not to mention vehicles that have been used for acts of crime. Specific number plates can be added to ‘hot’ lists configured within the utility and, when subsequently captured and identified by an ANPR camera, and alarm is the triggered in the VIGIL server.”

Traditionally, number plate capture accuracy in low-light environments has been somewhat problematic and has often meant that vehicles used for criminal purposes have passed by unidentified. With a varifocal lens and firmware dedicated to number plate imaging, the VX-5M20-B-RIAL camera developed by ourselves features visible light filtering that offers enhanced number plate capture accuracy, as well as motion detection and remote focus.

Easy to install, these cameras; IK10-rated enclosure is vandal-resistant and delivers protection from the elements. Combined with the VIGIL ANPR utility, this solution provides a highly effective layer of protection.

Seamless integration

Both the VIGIL ANPR utility and the VX-5M20-B-RIAL camera can be seamlessly integrated with the VIGIL video management system (VMS).

Designed for those who want all the power of integrated video and access control without the stress of a complex system set-up, VIGIL’s enterprise-grade VMS is the driving force behind the VIGIL range of network video recorders, DVRs and Power over Ethernet cameras.

In essence, it allows end users to quickly search for – and locate – number plates of interest, export number plate data to a custom external destination for review and also collate information from several cameras across multiple VIGIL servers.

Alex Buckle continued: “We believe that we’ve configured the ideal solution for those confronted with the often expensive choice of selecting a security camera that can be paired with an ANPR utility. This no longer has to be an issue. It’s now possible to cost-effectively protect assets, enhance safety, monitor and manage site traffic, control access, deter criminals and provide high-quality images for use in post-event investigations.”

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