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Genetec introduces new generation of SharpV ANPR cameras

GENETEC – THE developer of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions – has launched the next generation of its AutoVu SharpV Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. This new version provides a future-proof fixed ANPR solution that can be deployed anywhere. It’s built to deliver machine learning-based ANPR and vehicle analytics on the edge, ensuring high performance in all conditions.

Designed for fixed ANPR installations, the new SharpV can be up-and-running in minutes thanks to multiple features like embedded 4G/LTE/ GPS and motorised lenses with zoom and auto focus.

The cameras are ideally suited for a range of applications, such as monitoring entries and exits, capturing number plates at high speed, managing off-street parking areas and facilities and also covering major city access points for wanted vehicles.

With built-in illuminators, a global shutter and high-resolution sensors, the SharpV provides crisp, accurate, greater than Full-HD images at all times, day or nights. Featuring ultra-wide sensors, the updated SharpV can capture number plates across two lanes of traffic with no loss in accuracy. This means fewer devices are needed to cover more locations, in turn reducing total cost of ownership.

The cameras boast AutoVu MLC™, a powerful onboard machine learning-based ANPR engine. The new generation of SharpV goes beyond number plate identification with a full suite of advanced vehicle analytics that include vehicle classification, colour recognition, travel speed estimation and direction tracking. The onboard machine learning Vision Processing Units also pave the way for new vehicle characteristics and behaviour analytics, all of which will be introduced in the future.

Operational and investigative insights

“ANPR is an essential part of many organisations’ toolkits in this day and age,” explained Stephane Varin, product manager for AutoVu at Genetec. “It can be used to gather operational and investigational insights to help solve crimes, enforce parking regulations and also track traffic patterns in dense urban environments. The new SharpV is easier to deploy, can cover a wider field of view and provides more data about vehicle identification and behaviour.”

The new version of AutoVu SharpV greatly simplifies installation and maintenance. The motorised lenses enable zoom and auto focus to be adjusted remotely at the time of installation and during routine maintenance.

Embedded cellular networking equipment provides the ability to connect using 4G/LTE (where available).

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