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The Keyholding Company and Keynetics form strategic partnership

TECH-ENABLED mobile security service provider The Keyholding Company has partnered with disruptive electronic key safe supplier Keynetics to “shake up” traditional key holding, alarm response and access services by removing the need for external keyholders, thereby saving clients thousands of pounds and significantly improving response times.

The new offering is part of The Keyholding Company’s Smart Access service, a range of smart lock solutions for businesses that uses cloud-connected devices to streamline mobile security and access management.

The collaboration uses Keynetics’ SentriKey lock box, the only key safe in the UK approved for use in commercial properties, to store keys on-site and at the point of need. This hardware is combined with The Keyholding Company’s technology as used by its extensive nationwide network of response officers.

When an alarm is triggered through the partnership’s integration, the best placed response officer automatically receives alarm response job information and a unique one-time access code for the SentriKey key safe at the property via their mobile app. This enables the responder to travel directly to the alarm activation without collecting keys from a key vault, in turn cutting alarm response times. This solution also removes the need for external keyholders as physical keys are kept on-site within the SentriKey lock box.

It’s estimated that businesses could save up to 93% on their keyholding and third party access service costs by implementing this new combined offering.

More intelligent security

The Keyholding Company’s CEO, Charlie Gordon Lennox, views the new partnership as a major step towards more intelligent and client-centric mobile security services.

“Keynetics is a leading supplier in the industry and boasts some of the best hardware on the market,” explained Gordon Lennox. “Partnerships like ours are essential for the industry to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries. I'm looking forward to delivering a faster, more reliable and more valuable service to our clients with the help of the Keynetics team.” 

Alongside improving response times and cutting costs, this new addition to the Smart Access service delivers remote access by streamlining third party and contractor access. It enables completely remote access management through The Keyholding Company’s Smart Security platform.

Further, it reduces carbon emissions by decreasing the number of journeys spent collecting keys. Fast installation is standard thanks to no hard-wiring. There’s also the added bonus of accreditation. It uses Keynetics’ LPS 1175-accredited SentriKey hardware: a burglary resistant specification delivered thanks to rigorous attack tests with a variety of weapons from power tools through to hacksaws.

Real game-changer

Keynetics’ managing director Stuart Wheeler is also confident of the partnership and the opportunities it brings.

“We’re thrilled to be joining forces with The Keyholding Company,” enthused Wheeler. “It’s a business renowned for being at the forefront of developing smarter tech-led security solutions. The SentriKey lockbox combined with The Keyholding Company’s expert mobile security services has the power to become a real game-changer for the industry.”

Smart Access service pricing starts at just £17 per month which includes installation and maintenance.

*To learn more about Smart Access visit The Keyholding Company online

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